Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What we are looking for?

We differentiate from other companies with our people and culture. It means that we recruit people who fit to ME family – sharing the same values with us. We will evaluate during the recruitment process would Management Events be over time the best workplace for applicant and how applicant fits to the culture.

When you are applying to Management Events, it is good to know what we are mainly looking for in future employees:

  • High energy level – you get things done
  • You fit in our open and family like culture
  • Curiosity and ability to learn – you embrace the new
  • Passion for customers

We are looking for young professionals and graduates with business mindset. We train our unique concept and processes during the onboarding process ensuring good start and professional growth for you. We are also looking for students for our internship program.

How to apply?

You can apply online by uploading your CV and Application letter or with your Social profile (LinkedIN, Facebook). Our Recruitment system will parse your CV and Application in the browser when you apply – sending same time the original CV and Application letter documents to us.

Once you have sent your online application you will receive an automatic email to the address you gave in your application confirming that we have received your application.

The phases of interview?

We have a group level hiring process. Our Recruitment team is working closely with applicants, hiring managers and external recruitment agencies. Recruiter’s main aim is to identify through applications and phone interviewing applicants the match between applicant and profile we are looking for.

Recruitment responsible and hiring manager will go through applicants and invites the most promising candidates for a face-to-face or on-line interview. We may conduct several interview rounds and assessments before a final selection is made.

Our online assessments is measuring mainly work behavior and logical thinking. For some positions we also use simulations and case presentations where applicants can demonstrate their expertise and communicational skills.

All applicants are contacted during the recruitment process either by email or phone at the latest when the selection has been made.

The duration of the recruitment process may vary depending on different factors. For this reason we are unable to give you any estimate about how long it will take to receive the information on the final selection.

How can I get information about open positions?

Follow us on our career site, Facebook or LinkedIn to get news about us and information about our career opportunities!

For more information, contact:

Recruitment Team
Tel. +358 9 681 590