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ME Matchmaking is the gateway to effective lead generation, branding and networking opportunities. With 10,000 Executives, we are one of the largest and most established community of Tech professionals in Europe.

Unlock customized packages to capture premium leads through guaranteed 1-to-1 meetings, exclusive events and branding.  

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In Person Networking Events
Take advantage of our in-person networking opportunities to connect with new clients.
In Person Networking Events
Guaranteed Virtual 1-to-1 Meetings
High number of virtual 1-to-1 meetings with C-level executives and decision-makers on an annual basis.
Guaranteed Virtual 1-to-1 Meetings
Online and Offline Branding
Get maximum visibility that reaches several thousand potential target customers across Europe.
Online and Offline Branding

Make connections at exclusive events

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We operate in Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Case Studies from Satisfied Clients

MSG Global says goodbye to cold calling with ME’s virtual meetings
Nasuni closed a deal with a prospect they lost twice
Movial creates more touchpoints to generate sales in Finland
Pure Storage started first conversations with Enterprise level and Commercial High companies
Commvault uses our virtual meeting platform to connect with decision-makers fast
AvePoint connected with executives within their focus accounts through 1-to-1 meetings

How does ME Matchmaking work?

Define your target group
Provide us with a list of your target accounts and a description of the ideal personas.
Choose your package
How many high-quality meetings with decision makers do you want to have in the next 12 months? How many networking events do you want to join? Let us know and we will suggest a package that best suits your needs.
Select who you want to meet
We will prepare a list of prospects who match your ideal customer, and you can choose which executives you want to talk to.
Prepare for your meeting
We will provide target group insights based on our own research of our prospect pool to help you plan a relevant conversation with your prospect.
Have a stellar 1-to-1 meeting!
We will schedule 1-to-1 meetings between you and your prospects at a convenient time. All you have to do is prepare to impress potential business partners and customers.
Rock your networking at events!
As you get access to selected networking events, it’s up to you to use the opportunity to broaden your network with clients. Join, enjoy the event and connect!

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