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ME Matchmaking by Management Events offers high-quality B2B lead generation services and access to networking events with C-level decision-makers.
The subscription-based service fills your lead pipelines regularly with pre-scheduled 1-to-1 meetings, and allows you to network with prospects at face-to-face events. Connect with C-level executives and decision-makers that can be relevant to your business. Find out more about how ME Matchmaking will support you.


High number of virtual 1-to-1 meetings with C-level executives and decision-makers on an annual basis


Take advantage of our in-person networking opportunities to connect with new clients


Get maximum visibility that reaches several thousand potential target customers across Europe

What We Offer

ME Matchmaking connects you with senior executives from Europe’s leading companies who are actively seeking to map out top solution providers on the market. Through our Executive Network, we arrange virtual 1-to-1 meetings with carefully selected executives, facilitating a seamless first touchpoint for your sales team. 

Additionally, you get the opportunity to connect with a wider pool of decision-makers from our Executive Network at our in-person B2B networking events held throughout the year in key markets.

Let us handle the hard work. We bring pre-qualified prospects to you, virtually or in-person. Our partners rate 84% of our 1-to-1 meetings positively.

Find out more about the power of ME Matchmaking and unlock endless opportunities for your business.

How does ME Matchmaking work?
Define your target group
Provide us with a list of your target accounts and a description of the ideal personas.
Choose your package
How many high-quality meetings with decision makers do you want to have in the next 12 months? How many networking events do you want to join? Let us know and we will suggest a package that best suits your needs.
Select who you want to meet
We will prepare a list of prospects who match your ideal customer, and you can choose which executives you want to talk to.
Prepare for your meeting
We will provide target group insights based on our own research of our prospect pool to help you plan a relevant conversation with your prospect.
Have a stellar 1-to-1 meeting!
We will schedule 1-to-1 meetings between you and your prospects at a convenient time. All you have to do is prepare to impress potential business partners and customers.
Have a stellar 1-to-1 meeting!
Rock your networking at events!
As you get access to selected networking events, it’s up to you to use the opportunity to broaden your network with clients. Join, enjoy the event and connect!
Rock your networking at events!

Use your time effectively with targeted 1-to-1 meetings with decision makers – held from your office or home

Start your follow-up work immediately! No time is wasted on travelling from venue to venue

Use our in-person networking events to broaden your client base and improve brand recognition

Why invest in B2B lead generation

B2B lead generation is a key method for getting your sales team into 1-to-1 meetings with decision-makers, creating more touchpoints with qualified prospects, and gaining valuable business partners. By investing in ME Matchmaking, you will get help finding these opportunities and initiating contact. Book a call and we will discuss everything ME Matchmaking can provide for you .

Networking Events You Can Join With ME Matchmaking

ME Matchmaking offers you access to a variety of our invitation-only in-person networking events. All events are tailored to C-level decision-makers and provide an exclusive opportunity to establish new connections with high-profile clients. Get in touch with us for a more extensive list of networking events available. 

Top 3 challenges ME Matchmaking can solve
I don’t have enough time or resources

We do the hard work for you, from searching for qualified leads to organizing 1-to-1 meetings, so you can focus on what’s important – closing deals

I’m not reaching the right customers

We will arrange meetings for you with pre-qualified decision-makers and invite you to our networking events with C-level executives

I find it hard to build new lead pipelines

We deliver the right number of meetings (OR as many as your request) to help you create new lead pipelines and increase sales opportunities

Meet C-level executives and decision-makers

Management Events will help your team connect with potential buyers across the most important industries including manufacturing, retail, finance, insurance, healthcare, and translog. 

Reach C-level executives and decision makers in leading positions such as CTOs, CIOs and CEOs.

Target Group LaaS B2B lead generation
References & Case Studies
“By far the strongest paid source for helping us identify new leads and create new pipeline this year! Would definitely recommend others to try this service!”
Head of Marketing Nordics IFS Sverige AB

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