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The world is very digital, but all the great deals are made face to face. Management Events is a company, which uses best of both worlds to help leaders find best possible partners for their projects. Our mission is to attract influential business people in one place to let them discuss about their common interests, and build ground for good deals and cool contracts.

Management Events was established in 1994 as Mr. Olli Muurainen, a young and restless man born deep in the woods of Finland, decided that one day his company would be the best in the business of exclusive face-to-face meetings. In this sparsely populated country, meeting someone has always been a very special occasion.

“Trust is the foundation of Finnish society”, says Mr. Muurainen. “But yes, it’s amazing to see how universal value it has. The power of face to face. I see it happen every day, all over the world. Digital browsing is great but a live meeting with someone is much more.”

Today Management Events Ltd has operations in 13 countries, ranging from Sweden to Singapore, and headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Our talented teams (our stars, says Muurainen) host yearly more than 130 events for invited executive guests and solution providers. Thousands of discussions, new partnerships, deals and contracts will be started there.

Mr. Olli Muurainen

Chairman of the Board, Founder

Top quality service

Maximize your lead pool

Solid ROI

We make sure you meet the right people that will help to grow your business.

Save Time

We do the heavy lifting for you. Our job is to arrange pre-booked meetings between executives and service providers by using the latest technology and data.


Exchange ideas and views with other leaders.


Learn about winning strategies, best practices and future trends.

Join us at our events

Are you a top-notch solution provider wanting to meet decision makers in pre-booked one-to-one meetings in one place? Contact us and join the best growth platform in Europe.