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How to Future-Proof Supply Chains

With today's technology, there's no excuse for not innovating and thinking of how to make things better.

07. Feb. 17

Ensuring Your Customer’s Success Leads to Your Own Success

Forrester calls these days as the "Age of the Customer" and the buzzword "customer experience" reappeared like a new business concept. It’s, of course, not. Immeo's Strategy Executive and Partner Simon Aisen shares his customer experience insights and tips on how to excel at it.

07. Feb. 17

Anders Lilja is the Swedish Production Industry Influencer of the Year

Husqvarna Group AB's Anders Lilja is the 2017 Swedish Production Industry Influencer of the Year.

06. Feb. 17

Breakaway from the Pack with Predictive Analytics

When everyone's offering and doing the same things, where do you find the inspiration or business case to rise above?

03. Feb. 17

Visionary Leader: Menny Barzilay

Menny Barzilay is a cybersecurity guru and innovation evangelist. He was a speaker at 600Minutes Executive IT 2015 in Switzerland and 600Minutes Information and Cybersecurity 2016 in Finland.

02. Feb. 17

Seeing the Whole Story in Your Data: Top Tips for Achieving a 360° View of Your Customer

Paul Winsor, Qlik's Market Development for Retail and Services Industries Director shares his top tips for knowing your customer in a data driven world.

01. Feb. 17

IT Executive of the Year to be Selected in Austria

Presenting three nominees for the 2017 Management Events IT Executive of the Year Award in Austria!

01. Feb. 17

On Leading Innovation: Adapt, Spin Out, Put on Hold, Discard

Dr. Mikko Laukkanen is the Academic Director at Aalto University Executive Education. He's done his doctoral thesis on innovation and failures to innovate. He's also a frequent lecturer on innovation management and related topics in Aalto EE programs.

01. Feb. 17

Pernilla Winnhed is Sweden’s Energy Leader of Today

Energiföretagen's CEO Pernilla Winnhed wins the Energy Leader of Today Award at Management Events' IndustryForum Energy last 24th-25th of January 2017.

30. Jan. 17

[Report] The Experience Organization: Building a Customer-Driven Business

Based on 4,201 responses by top executives from Europe and Southeast Asia's largest organizations, the report is a closer look at the strategic development of customer experience across functions, industries, and regions.

27. Jan. 17

Three Nominees for 600 Minutes CFO Project of the Year Award in Turkey

Presenting three outstanding finance projects vying for the 2017 Management Events' Project of the Year Award in Turkey.

26. Jan. 17

Infographic: The Golden Opportunity

In this infographic, Qlik reveals why financial service organizations need to get their analytical insights out to the field and why.

25. Jan. 17

Co-Creation Over Competition is the Modern Supply Chain’s New Motto

Osman Akdemir, Director Innovations, Yellowstar Solutions on what keeps the supply chain afloat and thriving in the age of disruption.

24. Jan. 17

Is Your Business Ready for the Digital Future?

Why take innovation seriously? eurodata AG's Smart Services COO Frank Reinelt paints a clear picture of the future and shares compelling reasons for companies to embrace change.

23. Jan. 17

Is 2017 the Year of Data Literacy?

There's an explosion of data, an increase in processing, and a move towards information activism over the past 12 months says Qlik's Senior Director Dan Sommer. The problem is there aren't enough specialists to process them. Could this be the year that the resource gap will be closed?

20. Jan. 17

The Most Efficient Working Day!

Invited Guests

The most efficient working day. Insights and ideas from the stage and from a network of executives. The best solutions for your business challenges.

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Solution Providers

Meet executives with investment needs. Bring your solutions and insights to your most potential clients. 11 markets, 20 000 executives, guaranteed meetings.

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Management Events brings together top-level executives and solution providers, providing high value to both parties. Our concept attracts 20 000 visionary leaders to our events in eleven countries, over 170 times a year. Management Events Surveys provides insights and trends for solution providers and executives, helping them gain deeper understanding of challenges and needs of the largest corporations.

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