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How Management Events’ Customers celebrate the New Year in their countries

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2016 forever, but before we do, let's first find out how our customers do it in their countries.

29. Dec. 16

Five Myths about Champagne – Debunked

What better way to celebrate the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new one? Here are five things about the world’s favourite bubbly that you thought you knew, but didn’t.

27. Dec. 16

The Future is Digital, Change is Now

Axians, provider of a unique array of solutions for designing, implementing and operating ICT infrastructure, stresses the importance of transforming for the digital future now.

27. Dec. 16

Whose Responsibility Should Customer Experience Be?

Outstanding customer experience delivery seems to be on everyone's agenda today, but since it's relatively new, which department or personality should assume responsibility for its planning, execution, and leadership?

22. Dec. 16

Supply Chain Ascending

Today, 50% of supply chain executives have already fought their way to the boardroom. It's a 180-degree turn from a decade ago. What's changed?

19. Dec. 16

Featured Expert: Menny Barzilay

At the 600Minutes Executive IT in Sweden, cybersecurity strategist and innovation evangelist Menny Barzilay will demonstrate how the hackers are winning the cybersecurity war and how to turn that around.

19. Dec. 16

Stockholms Stad is the 2016 IoT Influencer of the Year

Stockholms Stad wins the 2016 IoT Influencer of the Year at the Internet of Things, Sweden, on the 7th of December 2016.

19. Dec. 16

[Report] Disrupted: Executive Perspectives on Banking and Insurance

Based on responses from 635 decision-makers from Europe and Southeast Asia's largest banking and insurance organizations, the report is a quick study on how the formerly immovable industry has finally been disrupted.

16. Dec. 16

The Big Challenges of Finance Teams are Data-Related

The amount of data grows, but the time to analyze gets shorter. Relying on big data with poor quality is a dangerous cocktail for the CFO.

16. Dec. 16

Blockchain – the Next Internet?

How to make a distinction between empty hype and something that is going to change the world? That is a tricky question. However, it does feel quite safe to rely on something that is already founded by such organizations like Linux Foundation, IBM, Accenture, Cisco and many more. Blockchain is a technology that will revolutionize supply chains, big time.

16. Dec. 16

From Spreadsheets to Strategies: The Evolution of the Modern CFO

The CFO role is undergoing a massive transformation. Five years ago, the task was simple; oversee the company’s finances – from budgeting and bookkeeping to filing reports and taking care of compliance. Nowadays, it’s as if they’ve become the shadow or twin of the CEOs.

16. Dec. 16

Four Key Modern Supply Chain Challenges

Janne Karppinen, Procurement Officer at Kemppi Oy sums up what a modern supply chain organization should be: "Agile, transparent, and with more information than material flow."

15. Dec. 16

Elisabeth Hultengren is the 2016 Influencer of the Year

Försäkringskassan's Elisabeth Hultengren was chosen as the 2016 Influencer of the Year for Government in Sweden.

14. Dec. 16

Swedish 600Minutes Executive IT, Executive of the Year Nominees Announced

Who from the five nominees will be voted as the Executive of the Year in Sweden?

14. Dec. 16

How Professional Conversations Enhance Digital CX Management and Optimization

Most new business initiatives require a digital engagement mindset and transformation. These initiatives demand innovative applications, fast networks, as well as agile enterprise architectures to form 24/7 Systems of Engagement. But how to translate those into a coherent digital strategy? Thomas Verhaeghe, Country Manager Benelux, Riverbed Technology, shares his expertise.

08. Dec. 16

The Most Efficient Working Day!

Invited Guests

The most efficient working day. Insights and ideas from the stage and from a network of executives. The best solutions for your business challenges.

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Solution Providers

Meet executives with investment needs. Bring your solutions and insights to your most potential clients. 11 markets, 20 000 executives, guaranteed meetings.

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Management Events brings together top-level executives and solution providers, providing high value to both parties. Our concept attracts 20 000 visionary leaders to our events in eleven countries, over 170 times a year. Management Events Surveys provides insights and trends for solution providers and executives, helping them gain deeper understanding of challenges and needs of the largest corporations.

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