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Gasum Oy is the 2016 Transformer of the Year

Gasum Oy took home the Transformer of the Year award at the Management Events' IndustryForum Process Industry event in Finland on the 8th - 9th November 2016.

11. Nov. 16

ME Meets MO!

It's Movember at Management Events and that means... Mo money, mo awareness raised, and mo men's lives saved.

11. Nov. 16

Lassila & Tikanoja Won the 2016 Practice of the Year Award

Lassila & Tikanoja's "Ajotavan Seuranta" took home the Practice of the Year Award at Management Events' Internet of Things in Finland.

09. Nov. 16

CFO the Strategist

In this new Management Events Report: CFO the Strategist, we surveyed 548 finance executives across Europe and Southeast Asia to explore their perspectives, priorities, initiatives, new competencies.

09. Nov. 16

Leading Organizations Optimize Business Value with Integrated Business Planning

Executit was founded to meet the new generation of planning needs. "Our customers are used to user-friendly tools in their private life, now, they also want to enjoy that same experience at work," shares Jussi Laitinen, Partner at Executit Oy.

08. Nov. 16

How to Turn Ideas into a Great Business

Pezy Group’s Sales and Business Development Manager Erik Spelt thinks that the energy, car, and financial industries have yet to meet their Uber and Airbnb disruptors. It could be your company, if you can identify that one idea worth developing.

08. Nov. 16

Watch: Retail Experience – Views on Retail Transformation

A quick look at retail's growth expectations, investments and strategic priorities. The video is based on the latest Management Events retail industry trend report.

03. Nov. 16

How Car Connectivity Opens Doors to New Players and Enhances Driver Experience

Getting cars connected has been the strategic direction for virtually all OEMs for over 10 years now. But the exponential growth of vehicles with Internet connectivity exploded only a few years ago when consumer companies like Apple and Google took an interest in automotive connectivity and introduced solutions like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

02. Nov. 16

The Best Customer Service Combines Digital and Human Elements

Personalization and the combination of digital and human service modes are the building blocks of exceptional service design.

02. Nov. 16

Sportamore’s Johan Ryding is the Swedish Influencer of the Year

Johan Ryding, CEO, Sportamore was chosen as the 2016 Retail Industry Influencer of the Year in Sweden.

28. Oct. 16

Infographic: Leadership and HR – The Change Journey

Smack in the middle of industry-wide business transformation is the HR department. Here's a quick look at how it's changed and what its top priorities are - taken from Retail Experience: Views on the Retail Transformation report.

28. Oct. 16

Trends in Healthcare: Focus on Customer Experience

Organizations offering exceptional customer experience will be the future winners.

27. Oct. 16

Internet of Things: From Vision to Execution

IoT as we know it today is barely scratching the surface. According to our recent trend survey, Internet of Things: From Vision to Execution, it'll be so huge 10 years from now, it's going to be part of everything.

26. Oct. 16

Three Nominees for the Swedish Production Influencer of the Year Award

Presenting the 2016 Production Industry Influencer of the Year Nominees.

24. Oct. 16

The Six Faces of Modern CIOs

Excellent customer experience delivery requires modern CIOs to be a lot of things to everyone at the same time.

24. Oct. 16

The Most Efficient Working Day!

Invited Guests

The most efficient working day. Insights and ideas from the stage and from a network of executives. The best solutions for your business challenges.

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Solution Providers

Meet executives with investment needs. Bring your solutions and insights to your most potential clients. 11 markets, 20 000 executives, guaranteed meetings.

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Management Events brings together top-level executives and solution providers, providing high value to both parties. Our concept attracts 20 000 visionary leaders to our events in eleven countries, over 170 times a year. Management Events Surveys provides insights and trends for solution providers and executives, helping them gain deeper understanding of challenges and needs of the largest corporations.

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