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Retailtainment: Retail Spaces’ Next Frontier

Published 21. Oct. 16


Retail and Consumer | Insight | As online shopping increases, retail spaces have to change their offerings from products to experiences to survive. Read more »

IFRS 2016 Introduces Leases to the Balance Sheet – New Requirements for Accounting

Published 18. Oct. 16


Facilities | Co-creation | From the beginning of 2019 all lease agreements signed by public companies operating in leased properties must be included on the company’s balance sheet. According to Senior Consultant Siiri Friström of Rapal Oy, preparations for this change should be started immediately. Accounting will be easier if the software used to manage lease agreements is able to automatically transfer all the necessary data to financial administration. Read more »

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How Millennials are Changing HR

Published 18. Oct. 16


Human Resources | Insight | When HR met the millennials, their world turned upside-down. They all of a sudden need to be attractive both for their employees and potential recruits. Read more »

Customer Experience is Answering the Customers’ Whys

Published 13. Oct. 16


Cyber Security | Co-creation | For Kaspersky Lab's DACH General Manager Holger Suhl, customer experience can be as simple as answering the customers' questions in their own language. Read more »

Visionary Leader: Rob Llewellyn

Published 12. Oct. 16


Digital Business | Quote | Rob Llewellyn is a digital business transformation advisor, strategy and execution leader, author and keynote speaker. Read more »

Agile Co-Creation Boosts Rapid Innovations

Published 12. Oct. 16


IT Management | Co-creation | A new era is about to dawn and the old ways are getting obsolete. The winners will be those who begin to act today on the terms of tomorrow. Twenty years as a consultant and business manager in a global environment have crystallized Symbio Finland CEO Arto Kuusinen’s view of where companies should be looking for new sources of growth. Read more »

An Internet of Things To-Do List

Published 10. Oct. 16


Internet of Things | Insight | Bjørn Inge Dalen, CIO of ISS Facility Services, says that the Internet of Things is already here and it's an organizational responsibility not just IT. Read more »

Customer Experience Shouldn’t be So Complicated

Published 07. Oct. 16


Finance | Co-creation | According to Collector Bank, when it comes to delivering the best customer experience, no matter the size of the audience, no matter the time, the same principle applies: for-every-problem-there’s-a solution. Read more »

Disruption Four: Greater Global Connections

Published 06. Oct. 16


Internet of Things | Insight | There's no escaping the disruption age. In this McKinsey infographic “The four global forces breaking all the trends", learn how much the volume of trade, finance, people, and data has increased and how it's contributing to global GDP growth. Read more »

Disruption Two: Accelerating Technological Change

Published 05. Oct. 16


Internet of Things | Insight | There's no escaping the disruption age. In this McKinsey infographic “The four global forces breaking all the trends", learn the disruptive technologies to watch out for and what their potential economic impact is by 2025. Read more »

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