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How HR Helped to Build a World-Class Customer Experience

Published 27. Nov. 15


Human Resources | The Netherlands | ”Find out what your business needs, then design your HR around it,” advises Anne Jaakke, the renowned Director of Global HR in the fast-growing lingerie brand Hunkemöller. Read more »

Healthcare High-Flyer Sees Opportunity Knocking in Digitalization

Published 27. Nov. 15


Strategy and Development | Finland | The health maintenance organization Suomen Terveystalo Oy now manages 1 in 10 doctor visits in Finland. The chief executive, Yrjö Närhinen, has been at the helm of the company for the last 4 years. Read more »

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7 Ways Digitalization Transforms Leadership

Published 23. Nov. 15

Hand holding touch pad with charts

Strategy and Development | Finland | The chief executive need no longer be a mythical figure looming somewhere in the confines of the top floor of a company headquarters. Digitalization can, ideally, bring him onto every employee's screen. What else has changed? We asked our experts. Read more »

Robots and artificial intelligence boost competitiveness

Published 20. Nov. 15


Strategy and Development | Finland | Used in the right way, robots and artificial intelligence create new opportunities for companies and industrialized nations, says CEO Timo Taalas from ZenRobotics. Read more »

Clear communication is vital in strategy engagement

Published 20. Nov. 15


Strategy and Development | Finland | In the employees´ strategy engagement, the communication needs to be systematic, well-planned and repetitive, says CEO Heikki Haasmaa from KONE Hissit. Read more »

Outsourcing IT to an Indian Company is a New Normal

Published 12. Nov. 15


IT Management | Finland | In recent years there has been a growing trend to outsource IT into Indian companies. Co-operation has been seeking its role during the years, but the latest evolution deepens the current relationships. Wipro Ltd, one of the largest Indian IT companies have already successfully proved their value as a business partner. Read more »

Three Steps to Create a Successful Customer Experience

Published 04. Nov. 15

Fresh bread

Strategy and Development | International Events | Tørk Furhauge, VD of Pågen AB, wraps up the most important fundamentals. Read more »

How to Recognize True Leadership?

Published 04. Nov. 15


Strategy and Development | International Events | Leader of the year Kim Kristensen, former Danish military officer has faced death in Afghanistan. He knows what it takes to be a good leader. Read more »

Energy Industry Needs Attitude!

Published 26. Oct. 15


Energy and Resources | International Events | What are the four crucial new skills energy sector must learn from other industries? CFO Jan Montell from Fingrid Oyj and COO Jyrki Vainionpää from Vapo Oy reveal their insights. Read more »

How to Build a Cyber Resilient Bank?

Published 22. Oct. 15


Cyber Security | Singapore | Angelo Roxas from Barclays Singapore lists 4 critical building blocks of improved cyber security. Read more »

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