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Finnish Startup Companies Met The Nordic Decision Makers

Published 02. May 16

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Strategy and Development | Insight | Startup companies are seeking growth and new markets internationally. The first goal is easier to achieve than the latter. Entering new markets is challenging even for established companies and it takes time and money. The most urgent question is how to find the right contacts. Read more »

Visionary Leader: Vineet Nayar

Published 29. Apr. 16


IT Management | Quote | Vineet Nayar is the former CEO of HCL Technologies and Founder of Sampark Foundation. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed management book "Employees First, Customer Second." Read more »

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It’s the IoT Way or the Highway for Future Businesses

Published 28. Apr. 16


Internet of Things | Insight | Today, "digital" is a disruptive term and the Internet of Things an existential challenge. The recent Management Events trend survey revealed that the term "digital" will lose its notoriety and the IoT will be the norm, a part of everything, 10 years from now. Read more »

A To-Do list for the Internet of Things

Published 27. Apr. 16


Internet of Things | Insight | Bjørn Inge Dalen, CIO of ISS Facility Services stresses that the IT departments alone can’t drive the change to IoT, and that close cooperation with the business is a must. “We are trying to push technology out where it belongs in the business, so we have a board where the businesses is involved in the things we develop,” he says. Read more »

The Biggest Promise of IoT is a New Sustainable Growth Model

Published 26. Apr. 16


Internet of Things | Insight | Extensive implementation of IoT can deliver enormous value for business and a more sustainable global growth model. "We can create more value with less resources," says Aniruddho Basu from Ericsson AB. Read more »

How Top Leaders Inspire Themselves

Published 25. Apr. 16


Strategy and Development | Insight | "The only thing that's constant is change," sounds like a slogan crafted for most organizations these days. We, therefore, asked these Nordic leaders what keeps them inspired in their work, in spite of everything that's going on around them. Read more »

What is Driving Digital Transformation for Insurers?

Published 22. Apr. 16


Finance | Co-creation | From Guidewire's many conversations with insurers, “going digital” emerged as the top priority, with six business drivers leading the charge. Read more »

6 Best Ways to Reinforce an IT Organization

Published 21. Apr. 16


IT Management | Insight | Cloud, consumerization, and analytics shake the foundations of traditional IT organizations. Magnus Åkerlind, Director of Global IT Coordination at Loomis, shares his insights on how an internal organization can provide better value for the business. Read more »

IT Organizations Must Manage Two Different Change Journeys

Published 20. Apr. 16


IT Management | Insight | Today's IT organizations face a dual challenge. They have to cope with existing expectations, and at the same time provide a clear vision how to develop new services for the future. Top Scandinavian CIO's advice how to solve the puzzle. Read more »

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