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Many European Companies Don´t Know How to Utilize Big Data

Published 14. Jul. 15


IT and Technology | International Events | 55% of the European companies surveyed by Management Events are planning or implementing big data projects. Many companies face challenges in utilizing the data they have collected. Read more »


Far Too Few European Organizations Can Manage Their Customer Experience

Published 14. Jul. 15

Customer Experience | International Events | Up to 7 out of 10 European decision makers rate their organization’s capabilities to manage customer experience across channels only as average or poor, reveals the recent Management Events´Executive Trend Survey®. Read more »

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Marketing and Sales | Switzerland | 79 % of the Swiss CMOs surveyed by Management Events are focusing on end user experience. Read more »

Want to Know the Performance of Procurement? Measure It!

Published 14. Jul. 15

Procurement | International Events | Top Nordic companies want to know exactly the cost and the performance of their procurement function. Read more »

Public Sector | Sweden | The benefits of digitization are both external and internal. Read more »


New Solutions for Upcoming Risks

Published 14. Jul. 15

Cyber Security | International Events | In order to predict and control future risks, leading organizations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are investing in modern security solutions. Read more »


Big Data Changing Production in Turkey

Published 14. Jul. 15

Production | Turkey | Big data implementation has started in the Turkish production industries. Read more »

Innovation and R&D | The Netherlands | Dutch companies are investing widely in modern product development systems. Read more »

More Customer-Oriented E-Services to Be Launched in Finland

Published 14. Jul. 15


Digital Business | Finland | Finnish e-service designers are taking a customer-oriented approach in their projects. Read more »

Internal Security Risks Must Be Tackled

Published 14. Jul. 15

Cyber Security | Denmark | 42 % of the largest organizations in Denmark are investing in information security training. Read more »

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