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Far Too Few European Organizations Can Manage Their Customer Experience

Published 27. Aug. 15


Customer Experience | International Events | Up to 7 out of 10 European decision makers rate their organization’s capabilities to manage customer experience across channels only as average or poor, reveals the recent Management Events´Executive Trend Survey®. Read more »

IT and Technology | Singapore | According to the Management Events Executive Trend Survey, there are many drivers for IT decision makers in the largest organizations for adopting cloud services. Tempted by the benefits of cloud services, companies prepare for possible cyber security threats in beforehand. Read more »

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Internet of Things Captures Imagination of Sweden Business

Published 26. Aug. 15


Internet of Things | Sweden | Though some overlook the significance of IoT in the present, everyone predicts it to have an impact in the future. Read more »


Internet of Things Seen to Hold Great Promise

Published 25. Aug. 15

Internet of Things | Finland | Nary a soul among the upper crust of Finnish business denies its future impact. Read more »

Want to Know the Performance of Procurement? Measure It!

Published 24. Aug. 15


Procurement | International Events | Top Nordic companies want to know exactly the cost and the performance of their procurement function. Read more »


Maintenance Chief Concern of Sweden Production

Published 24. Aug. 15

Production | Sweden | As focus of attention, preventive maintenance surpasses repair in an effort to lessen the need for the latter. Read more »

Public Sector | Norway | Internal priorities are more important for the decision makers. Read more »


Finland Institutional Investors Have Trust in North America

Published 20. Aug. 15

Financial Services | Finland | The domestic market remains imperturbably in first place, followed by North America and the other Nordic countries. Read more »

Denmark Banking and Finance Not Feeling Lucky

Published 19. Aug. 15


Financial Services | Denmark | The sector is skeptical about growth, especially outside of the current market. Read more »

IT Emerges from Back Office Obscurity to Core Competence

Published 19. Aug. 15


IT and Technology | International Events | IT is no longer the domain of IT departments and nerds alone. It is now literally the interface vis-à-vis the customer and an integral part of the product. Read more »

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