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4 Ways Big Data Can Create Value for Your Organization

Published 07. Oct. 15


Analytics and Big Data | Denmark | Our experts Ole Busk Poulsen and Thomas Kristiansen – one from IT, one from finance – look at the issue from both sides. Read more »

These Essential Marketing Skills You Need Today

Published 02. Oct. 15


Marketing and Sales | Finland | What are the essential marketing skills today? Pirjo Kaasinen, Vice President, Brand and Marketing, Posti Group Oyj shares her experiences. Read more »

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Why Real Time Analytics Is Crucial for Supply Chain and Production

Published 02. Oct. 15


Analytics and Big Data | International Events | Advanced analytics applies statistics and mathematical tools to the vast depths of data from a myriad different production activities that all impact yield, bringing order to the chaos theory. Men in the field told us how analytics are already giving them an edge, real-time. Read more »

How to Hire Super Data Scientists

Published 02. Oct. 15


Analytics and Big Data | International Events | A good data scientist is hard to find. Bear this check list in mind when building your data analytics team. Read more »

4 Points That Marketers Need to Rethink

Published 02. Oct. 15


Marketing and Sales | International Events | How do you build a strong brand in the digital age according to T-Mobile's chief marketing officer Gerard-Pieter De Haas. Read more »

5 Skills That Make a Great CMO

Published 01. Oct. 15


Analytics and Big Data | International Events | Joris Merks, Head of Digital Transformation at Google Benelux , gives his thoughts on brand-building in the digital age and the data-minded heart. Read more »

A Short Guide to Your Mobile Strategy

Published 01. Oct. 15


Mobile | Finland | So how can a mobile strategy best serve a business? We asked Eero Knuutila, Head of Service Development at Finavia Oyj, at the Management Events Enterprise Mobility event. Read more »

Mainstreaming Business Analytics Can Propel Your Business to the Stratosphere

Published 30. Sep. 15


Analytics and Big Data | Switzerland | Long the realm of IT departments only, Business Analytics is emerging to the forefront and crossing division boundaries. Read more »

Innovative mobile payment application brings Bank Pekao S.A. the Leader of Innovative Banking Award

Published 30. Sep. 15


Financial Services | Poland | Bank Pekao is the first bank in Poland offering HCE mobile payments technology. Read more »

Success on a Plate: The 3 Greatest Opportunities of Digital Transformation

Published 30. Sep. 15


Strategy and Development | International Events | The views on the benefits of digital transformation differ between companies that aim at growth and those that focus on operational efficiency. Read more »

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