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The Best Business Matchmaking Service

Published 28. Mar. 17

Newsletter pic 2_mobile service

Digital Business | Video | We are on a mission to create the world's best business matchmaking service. Read more »

The Only Thing Constant in Retail is Change

Published 27. Mar. 17


IT Management | Co-creation | According to myBrand's Marketing Manager Corianne Visser, customers today are well-informed and therefore, demanding. However, digital opportunities also abound and it's up to companies to rise above the challenges. Read more »

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Digital Revolution in Health and Social Care, Just a Matter of Time

Published 27. Mar. 17


Healthcare | Co-creation | For Paavo Perttula, Digital Health Lead at Accenture, the health and social care sectors are ripe for digital revolution -- well, almost. Read more »

How MES and WMS Systems Can Optimize Your Processes

Published 24. Mar. 17


Production and Manufacturing | Co-creation | Learn how Leanware Ltd. helped streamline their clients' specialized factories and improved their production quality and efficiency. Read more »

Customer Engagement in the Digital Age: Make it Personal

Published 24. Mar. 17

hands-993086_960_720 (1)

Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales | Co-creation | For Marije Gould, Marketing Vice President, EMEA, at Verint, the undisputed mode of service that customers prefer is still human interaction, but this time it can't do without digital capabilities and integrated systems and processes. Read more »

IoT Product Development

Published 23. Mar. 17


Innovations and R&D | Co-creation | IoT product development challenges existing R&D thinking and enables more impactful product development. Read more »

HR-to-Go: The Future of HR Service Delivery

Published 23. Mar. 17


Human Resources | Co-creation | PeopleDoc's Wieland Volkert sees HR Services as something that employees can, someday, just order out. Read more »

The Rise of Third-Party Reputation Risk Management

Published 22. Mar. 17


Finance | Co-creation | Picture your commercial landscape in a pre-compliance era. Difficult, isn't it? Such are the intense demands of recent years that it's sometimes hard to remember simpler times. Read more »

Featured Expert: Garry Kasparov

Published 21. Mar. 17


Internet of Things | Insight | One of the world's greatest chess players of all time wants you to stop wasting your time running away from AI and start preparing for it. Read more »

Internet of Things as a Driver for Smart ERP

Published 21. Mar. 17

IoT Enabled Value Chain

Supply Chain and Procurement | Co-creation | Since the dawn of ERP systems, the sole role of machine generated data was to enable the proper execution of the supply chain. With the ongoing adoption of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication enables collaborative shop floor planning and machine generated (big) data presents a value in its own right. This paradigm shift calls for new Smart ERP systems that make use of big data in (predictive) planning throughout the entire value chain and create the transparency for improved governance, risk, security, and compliance management. Read more »

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The Most Efficient Working Day!

Invited Guests

The most efficient working day. Insights and ideas from the stage and from a network of executives. The best solutions for your business challenges.

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Meet executives with investment needs. Bring your solutions and insights to your most potential clients. 11 markets, 20 000 executives, guaranteed meetings.

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Management Events brings together top-level executives and solution providers, providing high value to both parties. Our concept attracts 20 000 visionary leaders to our events in eleven countries, over 170 times a year. Management Events Surveys provides insights and trends for solution providers and executives, helping them gain deeper understanding of challenges and needs of the largest corporations.

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