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How to sell IoT to customers? Paint the big picture first!

Published 04. Feb. 16


Strategy and Development | Finland | Finnish machinery companies are taking big steps towards the Internet of Things and service-based business models. According to industry experts, the challenges lie not in the technology, but in the way new concepts are introduced to customers. Read more »

Report: The Latest on Business Analytics for Executives by Executives

Published 04. Feb. 16


Analytics | International Events | Real-time and predictive analytics are on the rise. From top executives to experts, everyone in the company needs access to data and the ability to analyse it. Read more »

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Jesper Toubøl from LEGO guides to his way of disruptive mindset

Published 03. Feb. 16


Strategy and Development | Denmark | Think systematically, challenge yourself, and think of how digitalization can support your business, counsels Jesper Toubøl from LEGO A/S. Read more »

Top 5 Articles of 2015

Published 29. Jan. 16


Strategy and Development | International Events | What were you reading on our website last year? Read more »

What Machinery CEOs Read

Published 27. Jan. 16


Strategy and Development | Finland | With digitization taking over most industries, we’re curious as to what C-level machinery executives read to keep up and stay on top. Read more »

How can you find your own blue ocean in digitalization and become the thought leader?

Published 26. Jan. 16


Manufacturing | International Events | Rolls-Royce Marine has taken digitalization seriously. Unmanned cargo ships could become a reality on our oceans within the decade. The company has already gained a thought leader position and aroused worldwide interest among media such as BBC, NBC and Wired magazine. How did they succeed? Read more »

How to be a good host and select the right wine?

Published 25. Jan. 16


Retail and Consumer | International Events | When hosting a business dinner in a restaurant, one of your duties is to select the right wines to accompany the meal. Whilst some consider this to be a daunting task, it does not need to be. Here are three simple points to remember! Read more »

Blog: The Internet of Things is Coming, How Worried Should We Be?

Published 25. Jan. 16


Internet of Things | International Events | The number of devices connected to the Internet would reach 50 billion units by the end of the decade and not without new and additional risks. But before that happens, let’s play the “What-If-Game.” Read more »

Modern CISO Must Be an Approachable Communicator

Published 15. Jan. 16


Cyber Security | The Netherlands | The role of a CISO is increasingly demanding. Besides business understanding and technical skills, strong communications skills are today a must, says Jaya Baloo, the awarded CISO from the Dutch KPN. Read more »

The Go-to-Market Challenges in the Netherlands

Published 14. Jan. 16


Innovations and R&D | The Netherlands | Every other company surveyed by Management Events says that commercializing is the most critical issue in their innovation process. Read more »

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