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What to Do When Hacked?

Published 25. Aug. 16


Cyber Security | Co-creation | The case company is a German world market leader in automation technology that was victimized by an e-mail scam. Blue Frost Security analyzed the case and discovered several critical vulnerabilities. Read more »

Singapore Banking Sector Takes Frontline in Building a Smart Nation – Boosting Blockchain and FinTech

Published 23. Aug. 16


Finance | Insight | Singapore's ambitious vision is to create a leading smart nation, which would pull together universities, R&D, investments and a growing community of tech and FinTech startups along with a large pool of investment capital. It has already started to create results and generate investments. Read more »

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Why Financial Services Need Big Data and Analytics

Published 22. Aug. 16


Analytics | Insight | Rabobank’s Executive Development Vice President Ivo van Bilsen and Menzis’ Financial Risk Officer Johan Halverhout share how they need Big Data and Analytics on a daily basis. Read more »

Business Premises Can be a Valuable Asset in Business Development

Published 19. Aug. 16


Finance | Co-creation | More than anything, premises are a strategic resource for business support and development, states Aarne Nurminen, CEO of Ecorum Oy. Therefore, a company seeking new premises needs to link the premises to its strategic planning process. Read more »

Three Game-Changing Megatrends According to CIOs

Published 19. Aug. 16


IT Management | Insight | Today’s IT is driven by three Megatrends: Mobility, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. CIOs are taking advantage of digital technologies to engage end-users, create new revenue streams, and make things simpler for customers. Read more »

The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia

Published 18. Aug. 16


Finance | Insight | The Southeast Asian region, which used to be known as the "Far East," is on the rise, and feeling the effects of digitalization. What's its banking sector's outlook? Read more »

Hans Petter Hübert on Customer Experience

Published 17. Aug. 16

hans peter hubert

Retail and Consumer | Video | At the IndustryForum Retail in Fornebu, Norway, Moods of Norway Retail Director Hans Petter Hübert shared his thoughts on the importance of omni-channel in meeting customer demands. Read more »

Procurement, The Millennial Edition

Published 17. Aug. 16


Supply Chain and Procurement | Co-creation | Drastic changes are happening across industries with the Millennials' coming of age. The whats, whys, and hows in procurement, explored in BravoSolution's whitepaper. Read more »

Three Reasons Why You Fail to be Productive

Published 16. Aug. 16


Strategy and Development | Lifestyle | Personal productivity defines how well your resources and results are balanced. In other words, how to best use your energy. There are multiple reasons why people are not as productive as they could be. The three main mistakes are: Read more »

How DDAs and DevOps Help Improve Customer Experience

Published 16. Aug. 16


Analytics | Co-creation | For Hendrikx ITC's Co-Founder and Designer Ad Hendrikx, up-to-date Data Delivery Agreements (DDA) plus proactive and skilled DevOps equals excellent customer experience. Read more »

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