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Bernd Datler is Austria’s IT Visionary Leader of the Year

ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH's Managing Director, Bernd Datler, took home Management Event's Visionary Leader of the Year Award at the 600Minutes Executive IT in Austria on the 10th of May 2017.

12. May 17

A New Paradigm for Recruiting: Why the Candidate Experience as a Customer Experience Makes or Breaks Your Team

Why is recruiting so hard? What are successful organizations doing differently? epunkt, a company specializing in Internet recruitment, says it has something to do with providing candidates with "premium recruiting experience."

03. May 17

Wat bepaalt het succes in IT innovatie?

Innovatie wordt volgens i³ groep gedreven door business behoeften van haar klanten. Managing Director Rob W.A. Vissers verwoordt het als volgt: “Innovatie biedt organisaties een concurrentievoordeel, het is de onderscheidende factor die verkopen kan verhogen of een TCO kan verlagen. Dat betekent dat onze klanten continu op zoek moeten naar nieuwe IT-oplossingen die de status quo uitdagen, betere resultaten bieden, risico’s inperken en TCO verlagen.”

26. Apr. 17

How to Solve IT’s Underperformance

As organizations move to the cloud, the gap between the needs and expectations of the business and the ability of IT to deliver grows. Companies need a solution that allows networks to be a lot more flexible and agile, and according to Riverbed Technology's Norway Country Manager Trygve Wettestad, it's exactly what they offer.

19. Apr. 17

Ann Hellenius is the 2017 IT Executive of the Year in Sweden

Stockholm City's CIO Ann Hellenius is Management Events' IT Executive of the Year!

04. Apr. 17

Digital Transformation is Shaping the Subconscious Minds of Organizations – Let Us Do it Actively

“We shape our tools and thereafter, the tools shape us.” - John Culkin, a pioneer in advocating media literacy, said in 1967.

03. Apr. 17

The Only Thing Constant in Retail is Change

According to myBrand's Marketing Manager Corianne Visser, customers today are well-informed and therefore, demanding. However, digital opportunities also abound and it's up to companies to rise above the challenges.

27. Mar. 17

Alkon Verkkokauppa-Projekti Wins the 2017 ME IT Project of the Year Award in Finland

The 2017 Management Events 600Minutes Executive IT Project of the Year was awarded to Alkon Verkkokauppa-Projekti.

17. Mar. 17

Innovation is About Finding an Important Problem and Solving It

For Olle Alvemark, Scandinavia Industry Director at IFS, one of the main drivers of innovation should be problem solving.

21. Feb. 17

IT Executive of the Year to be Selected in Austria

Presenting three nominees for the 2017 Management Events IT Executive of the Year Award in Austria!

01. Feb. 17

Are You Ready to Take on the AI-First World?

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will be coming of age this year. How prepared are you for this ultra high-tech reality?

18. Jan. 17

Swedish 600Minutes Executive IT, Executive of the Year Nominees Announced

Who from the five nominees will be voted as the Executive of the Year in Sweden?

14. Dec. 16

The 2016 ICT Influencer of the Year is Haninge Municipality’s CIO Jeanette Thorell

Haninge Municipality's CIO Jeanette Thorell was chosen as the 2016 ICT Influencer of the Year at the 600Minutes ICT Trends and Solutions in Sweden.

23. Nov. 16

The Six Faces of Modern CIOs

Excellent customer experience delivery requires modern CIOs to be a lot of things to everyone at the same time.

24. Oct. 16

Tado GmbH’s Valentin Sawadski is the German IT Influencer of the Year

Tado GmbH's Valentin Sawadski was chosen as the 2016 IT Influencer of the Year in Germany.

14. Oct. 16
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