VISIONARY IT - Perspectives on the Modern IT Organization


  • Agile Operations. Digitalization is transforming the way IT organizations operate. To be able to cause disruption, and to proactively protect from it, companies need to re-organize the IT function to respond to the new requirements of business. This calls for new kind of agility which entails the rise of ’as-aservice’ in IT operations.Tech exclusive no more.
  • Data Explosion. Data analytics is the number one priority for IT decision makers. Data is increasingly important for decision making in various functions. Today the CIO focus lies in data quality and its monetization.
  • Customer Focus. CIOs today are increasingly responsible for creating end user innovations and winning customer experiences. IT is outreaching the core business processes and taking a strategic seat in business value creation.
  • Secure Change. With mounting information flows inside and outside organizations, ensuring security is tightly in the focus of IT. The importance of cyber security is now acknowledged by top management but employee awareness remains as the main concern for the CIOs and CISOs.

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