Sharing Economy: Fintech Trends in Switzerland Banking & Insurance

Switzerland is highly supportive of fintech innovation with numerous initiatives set up by the government, such as Digital Switzerland, to maintain and increase the reliability and high-level services of the banking and insurance sectors.

From a survey by Management Events, a key finding is that 90% of C-suites in the financial services industries are focusing primarily on digitizing and automating their systems for optimization, which include the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence.

As for 60% of our respondents, their focal point is on analytics, namely on improving the accuracy and efficiency of their data reporting and dashboards.

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Here are the report key takeaways:


Today’s digitally-empowered customers are demanding faster and efficient financial transactions, and Swiss industry players are answering the need through digitalization and automation technologies.

Preparing for the future and developing a future-proof course of action are strategic priorities for Swiss top executives to ensure continued business growth, even during economic downtimes.

Leveraging on predictive analytics and data management, industry leaders in Switzerland are maximizing big data to identify new business opportunities and strategic market positioning.

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