Rapid technological advance empowered consumers to control their information space and make faster, smarter choices when it comes to purchasing. It created numerous challenges for retailers forcing them to reinvent their marketing strategies and making it difficult to get through the information noise, catch customer's attention and win their loyalty. Smart and agile marketers, however, know how to benefit from the technology boost and take on innovation. Our latest Industry Report Navigating the Consumer-Driven Retail Landscape provides insights into the prevailing technology investments and gives a glimpse on case studies featuring retailers that got technologies right.

The following are the report key takeaways.

  • Cultural and Organizational Loopholes

    55% of organisation are operating with the silo mentality and 50% are facing struggles within the team when it comes to taking on risks and experimenting. These challenges need to be addressed if the organisation aspires to become flexible and adapt to the new environment.
  • Enabled by the Internet of Things

    39% of organisations are considering and 39% are piloting the use of IoT. IoT gives an almost endless potential to improve customer experience, and it is a crucial task for the retailers to find their path with this tech.
  • Robotics Uprising

    AI is good for data processing, but it can also take orders. Quite a few ways can be found to use robotics to make the customer experience more human.
  • Reality shift

    AR and VR have become another huge customer experience enabler with almost half of the organisations piloting it.

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