Retail Investments 2020

Redefining Retail In The New Decade

The past decade witnessed several technological and consumer shifts that defined the retail industry, ranging from mobile retailing to customer personalization. As we embarked into the new decade, industry leaders are anticipating even greater movements that will upend the retail sector and bring it to new heights.

To identify emerging retail trends and investment priorities, Management Events interviewed 930 top-level executives and key decision makers from over 500 leading organizations who attend our retail events. We also uncovered top retail technologies and digital focus areas through our Executive Trend Survey, which include data and analytics, cloud computing and cyber security.

Surprisingly, our findings discovered that less than 40% of retail leaders are prioritizing on retail industry solutions, concentrating foremost on enhancing their customer experience and improving their digital business strategies.

Get into the minds of retail giants, and unearth upcoming industry shifts and innovations in our trend report, Redefining Retail In The New Decade.  

Here are the report key takeaways:


Enhancing customer experience is the topmost priority for over 60% of retail leaders, who are concentrating efforts on customer journey and consumer data.

Standing at 65% implementation rate, data and analytics are core focuses for retailers looking to adopt big data and real-time analytics into their organization.

E-commerce development, omnichannel retail and digital in-store solutions are some of the top investments for retail giants, who are focused on enhancing their digital business.

Retailers are already preparing for the future with almost 50% of industry leaders planning to adopt cyber security as their data and operations move further into virtual space.

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