CFO Investments 2022

The Resilient CFO: Optimizing Technology in Finance
Still adjusting to the rapid changes over the past two years, CFOs are seeking solutions that will continue to drive digital transformation without compromising financial processes and plans. From automation to AI-enabled tools, digitization, and refining sustainability frameworks, finance leaders have shifted from adoption to optimization.

Our Executive Trend Survey and interviews with top CFOs from Europe’s biggest companies revealed top key investment areas among top-level finance leaders and key decision-makers from some of the world’s leading organizations.

Discover the latest CFO investments, focus areas and strategic priorities in our trend report, CFO Investments 2022: The Resilient CFO — Optimizing Technology in Finance.

Key takeaways:
  • Automation & Digitization Remain Top Priority: CFOs are still prioritising automation and digitization of finance departments in their investments.
  • Forecasting Needs to be Optimized: The uncertainty caused by the disruptions of the last two years has CFOs focusing more on better forecasting and preparing for future crises. 
  • Refining Sustainability Frameworks: Another major challenge CFOs are focused on is refining the sustainability reporting framework which is still at subpar levels, lacking standardization across governments and regulatory bodies.
  • Emerging Finance Investment Trends: While CFOs continue to drive the digital transformation, they are also aware of emerging trends in finance investments – from AI to customer intelligence.

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