Sharing Economy: Fintech Trends in Germany Banking & Insurance

Banking institutions and insurance companies are irreversibly changed by the advances in smart technologies, affecting many of the sectors’ processes, including customer services, transactions and account management. Leaders in Germany’s financial services industry are also innovating with the times as they increasingly embrace the revolution of fintech.

Based on personal interviews by Management Events, key statistics show that survey respondents place high importance on digitalization across the board. From developing digital strategies and business models to the integration of digital platforms and processes, it is clearly seen that German financial leaders are pushing for intelligent innovations and technological transformations with investments in robotic process automation (RPA) and voice-activated technologies.

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Here are the report key takeaways:


In the era of smart technologies, the banking and insurance industries of Germany are accelerating their processes through digitalization.

German industry players are tapping into the opportunities brought by automation technologies to optimize and enhance their financial operations.

Developing new business models are also a priority for our surveyed leaders to ensure delivery of business value and services to their customers.

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