Revitalizing Healthcare: Emerging Technologies In Health & Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences sector has one of the highest stakes among all other industries – the human life itself. Highly dependent on innovations, many technologies originally developed for other purposes have been adopted into the medical field, namely blockchain and augmented and virtual reality. As technological development continues to advance, the industry is experimenting with other integrations.

Big data analytics and management, as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), are also significantly impacting the health industry, helping to handle the massive explosion of medical data and improving medical practices. These disruptive innovations, and more are bringing convenience and affordability to an otherwise costly and inaccessible fundamental service.

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The following are the report key takeaways:

  • Towards An Immersive World 

From transforming brain surgery to improving training quality, augmented and virtual reality technologies are increasingly penetrating the healthcare sector.
  • Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare providers are looking into blockchain to manage their increasing amount of clinical and medical data while maintaining security and regulatory compliance.
  • The Potentials of Big Data

Managing data across various medical sources is a daunting task, and big data analytics and management are being utilized to deliver optimal patient care, treatment innovations and medical discoveries.
  • Rising Health Trends

Human-computer interaction and voice-activated technologies top the future priorities of healthcare industry leaders, who are also showing a rising interest in the emergence of revolutionary devices.    

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