Driving The Future: Insights Of The German Automotive Industry

Germany has always been synonymous with the automotive industry. Boasting a massive interconnected web of supply chains, manufacturers, retailers and more, the country has been setting the global pace for innovative and future-oriented car manufacturing.

With roughly 426 billion euros in total sales, 223 billion euros in export value in 2018 and a total workforce of 820,000, the auto market is a key economic factor for the German economy. But as auto trends shift towards greener transportation and smart digitized factories, how is the German auto industry evolving towards change?

Find out the emerging investments and technologies of German auto leaders in our newest trend report, Driving The Future: Insights Of The German Automotive Industry. Discover their business strategies in the development of autonomous and electric vehicles, and be one of the first to learn about their key focus areas and projects.

Here are the report key takeaways:


The call for a connected car ecosystem is giving rise to the use of Internet of Things (IoT) among German car makers.

With the acceleration of IoT, data will be the key factor in improving and advancing the German car industry.

Rapidly evolving technology is shifting traditional car manufacturers to transform into fully digitized smart factories.

German auto leaders are taking a major step forward in optimizing their supply chain and procurement processes.

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