Leading Digital: Transformation Beyond Tech

With the increasing number of new entrants, businesses from all industries are having a high-stakes battle for control of the digital economy. Business transformation is a matter of survival, especially for the digital laggards, in which culture and technology are inextricable. This forces leaders to put strategic investments in place and fine-tune organizational structure to leap into the future of tech. Whether it's technology that transforms business or culture that drives technology adoption, company leaders must approach transformation beyond tech. This report aims to provide your organization with an overview of the current digital challenges, opportunities as well as development gap within the European business landscape.

The following are the report key takeaways.

  • Human values at the core

    Although technology seems to be running the show, the true digital enabler is human. Talent acquisition and development are the biggest hurdles across all business functions and industries. Organizations that are putting people at the heart of their digital roadmap will have the competitive edge.
  • The power of culture change

    Digital transformation success boils down to culture, while technology is simply a means to achieve the business goals. To win the talent war, leaders must invest in organizational capabilities, identify digital vision to foster a growth mindset and drive a digital-first culture.
  • Innovate business models

    Technology is changing customer experience and market dynamics on a global scale. We’ve noticed the rise of the new monopoly - platform businesses, besides a steady adoption of data-driven models.
  • New techs on the block

    Automation trend is notable this year with disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics being implemented at large. New technologies like blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, are also well on their ways to infiltrate the business ecosystem.

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