Cyber Security Investments 2021

Tackling Cyber Security In The New Reality

Phishing emails, malware, Trojans, ransomware - businesses reported a substantial increase in cyber attacks as they shifted to remote working and online platforms due to COVID-19. Although the coronavirus-related attacks only lasted slightly over a month, cyber threats remain high in numbers, with Microsoft observing around 12 million attacks daily

With the rise of virtual work environments and remote work continuing for the foreseeable future, Management Events surveyed over 1,100 top executives and key decision makers from the largest companies in Europe who attend our cyber security events to discover their cyber security priorities and investments.

We found that while cyber security was named as the topmost future tech adoption for organizations in 2019, cyber security is now the second tech priority for 2021 but with a higher budget than previously allocated. We also discovered that cloud security currently holds more importance with CISOs, CTOs and CIOs than data security and privacy.

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