There are a lot of fears surrounding AI and Robotics. Some of the fears are valid, like what’s going to happen to the human workforce as processes become fully automated, but most are purely speculative - thanks largely to science fiction. Global investments in AI and Robotics are on the rise, thanks to their promise of cost-efficiency, agility, sustainability, and quick ROI. In this latest Management Events report: Future of Business: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, we asked 1,021 decision-makers from some of Europe’s top organizations about their current and future AI strategic development initiatives and investments. Which AI technologies are they investing in and why?

Key Report Takeaways:

  • AI and robotics have arrived. They may not be what people expect or how they're depicted in science fiction, but they've started performing tasks and are changing business models across industries.
  • Tech exclusive no more. Interest in AI and Robotics has gone beyond the Technology industry. The Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Retail sectors, as well as the Public sector, are prioritizing AI technology investments to gain competitive advantage in the industry.
  • Out of the IT box. Almost half of the surveyed decision makers revealed that the responsibility for AI's development and implementation in their organization still falls on the IT department's shoulders, departments such as Finance, Top Management and Line Management have started taking in some load.
  • Goodbye manual labor. Europe is aggressively investing in virtual assistant bots, robotic process automation, and machine learning for cost efficiency, higher productivity, and innovation.

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