Published 28. Feb. 2017

What’s on their Mind? – The Daunting Task of Building the “Perfect” Customer Experience Strategy

What do customers want? How do they want it and where do they want it?
Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales

CX Strategy

Building an ideal customer experience strategy is neither simple nor easy in rapidly changing markets and environments teeming with aggressive digital expansions and multiple application and software developments.

It’s a multilevel task that’s currently being shouldered by the Business Management, Marketing and Sales, and IT Management departments. And admittedly, as per 60% of their decision-makers, they’re ill equipped to produce relevant content for their customers and rated their capability level as average or poor.

What seems to be the problem? In which areas are they struggling? Where to start?

In the Management Events’ The Experience Organization: Building a Customer-Driven Business report, top executives responsible for their organization’s customer experience initiatives were surveyed to gain insights on where they are in its development. According to the survey, organizations are currently focused on communication points and dialog, as well as in making sure that they’re available wherever, whenever when customers need them – both online and offline – especially during decision-making time.

The survey also revealed organizations struggle in providing a clear definition and division of roles inside the development setup, even though customer experience is the most important strategic development initiative.

Heaps on CIOs’ Plate

The technical requirements of developing the customer’s digital journey fall on the IT department.

Presently, CIOs’ main priorities are in improving productivity through technology, process efficiency and agility, and customer and user experience.

When it comes to digital platforms and solutions, on top of the list are development of mobile platforms and applications, digital analytics and customer insight, and digital commerce platforms.

In digital concept and design, CIOs’ most popular initiatives include creating new digital business models and integrating cross-channel processes and data.

Meaningless without Analytics

Organizations have a plethora of customer data, but they have yet to utilize its full potential.

This is where data analytics come in. More than building client databases and measuring sales and monitoring traffic, data analytics can provide organizations with vital customer information. Using data analytics, organizations will be able to study the customer behavior in a particular platform and know what they find attractive and what they’ll buy.

But the survey also revealed that even as data and analytics projects are the most important development priorities in marketing and customer experience management, decision-makers are finding it hard to analyze data and set the metrics for their customer experience strategy.

In the end, customer experience is about creating added value for customers through simplicity, the creation of a clear end-to-end path, and perfect cooperation between all the departments.