Published 15. Mar. 2017

What a Value-Based 3M Health Information System Requires

Tech is a given in digitalization, but when you're working with people, you have to also invest in people. Here's Dr. Suat Akyol, Business Manager – Health Information Systems at 3M Deutschland GmbH, on what it takes for health professionals to succeed in the digital age.


“For more than 100 years, 3M company has been successful worldwide, because our corporate culture explicitly provides openness for change,” shares Dr. Suat Akyol, Business Manager – Health Information Systems, adding, “The increasing degree of digitalization is a strong driver for the current change processes. We have to think about internal processes, adapt them, but also change them fundamentally. In addition, many new opportunities arise from the changing circumstances among our customers.”

Out of these opportunities, the Business Manager for Health Information System identified three:

  1. High Transparency – Change affect customers in different areas, “They expect high transparency and availability of data for ordering and delivery processes, but also a highly sensitive handling of customer contact data.” In the health care business, safe handling of data is a special responsibility since hospitals entrust their valuable data to external companies, “Safe handling of customer data is one of our core competencies, which could become more and more evident in the future.”
  2. Intelligent Systems – The volume of data to be processed continues to grow in healthcare and technologies that extract useful information will change the way different health care groups work, “We have to provide intelligent systems that meet this abundance of information and support our customers in dealing with them. This includes systems for predictive analytics as cloud-based services that support interoperability between systems from different manufacturers.” Information on a more targeted healthcare and secondary diseases prevention are already available to 3M customers, “However, they will only be usable if we provide appropriate systems and if the infrastructure and processes on customer sites are changed.”
  3. Detailed Documentation – As digitalization simplify many things, “Our customers will be able to provide a more detailed documentation, which results to a more appropriate invoicing of the service provided with less effort. The quality of performance will also be more predictable and better controllable, which will lead to improved care for patients and payment models for value instead of volume. And then hospitals will be more transparent and therefore easier to manage.”

With opportunities come challenges, “Our customers have to deal with many challenges. Digitalization is only a part of this, but it is accompanied by major changes in the familiar and often well-won workflows. Hospitals have to invest resources which promote and support digitalization. These investments cannot be bypassed anymore, because the external framework conditions under which data is accepted, stored and processed will change sustainably.”

Leadership, The 3M Way

As for leadership in the digital age, “My main management task is to build up a worthy, credible and stable vision of the digital future as an orientation aid. For this, I need to be able to assess the competences needed to achieve the goal in order to develop our organization in the right place.”

3M firmly believes in investing in their employees. They see it as the most important pathway to growth, “The premise is simple, if your staff grows, your company grows. The key is in linking growth to individuals.”

Dr. Akyol further adds that as digitalization marches on, employees must be more agile, open to change, with a more diverse set of competences, and a strong sense of accountability. He then shared six 3M Leadership Behaviors applicable to all employees:

  • Play to Win
  • Innovate
  • Foster Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Prioritize & Execute
  • Develop Others and Self
  • Act with Integrity and Transparency

3M Deutschland GmbH will be attending IndustryForum Healthcare in Germany on the 5th of December 2017 as a solution provider. Event discussions include:

  • The digital hospital.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Inter-connectedness between the key players of the healthcare industry.
  • Discharge Management
  • How to make jobs in the healthcare industry more attractive?
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