Published 21. Jun. 2016

What to Look for in a Document Management System?

Energy and Resources


The Need for an Efficient Business Documentation System

Gasum, a Finnish expert in natural energy gases, manages a significant volume of operational information from internal documentation to files and records produced by its business partners. The efficient management and organization of vital information assets such as permits, installation information and permission documentation, to instruction manuals and guides, guarantee documents and SOPs has a direct impact on the company’s ability to efficiently deliver energy resources to its business constituents. In 2010, Gasum realized that managing business documentation using their internal network drives and Microsoft SharePoint was not meeting its needs and requirements. There were instances in which documents could not be quickly found by its staff, and in some instances, they couldn’t be found at all. To make it worse, when documents were finally located, they were often not the correct versions, which led to quality control issues and challenges.

A Full Suite Document Management Solution with a Windows-Based Interface

Gasum turned to M-Files, a trusted Finnish document management solution, for their project management, partner management, and quality control needs. According to Tiina Niinimäki, Development Manager at Gasum, “In addition to being a superior document management system with robust workflow capabilities and the ability to easily integrate with our CRM and ERP systems, the Windows-based interface was a key selling point for us.”

The benefits of M-Files in Gasum’s case:

  • Integrates with several business systems (including SharePoint, Dynamix AX and Dynamics CRM).
  • Offers a centralized repository for all documents.
  • All documentation, regardless of what it is related to, can be handled with M-Files.
  • M-Files supports workflows and electronic signatures.
  • Easy and straightforward to use.
  • Possibilities to expand the use of M-Files in the future for other functions and processes.

Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine

M-Files is integrated with SharePoint and Dynamix AX, and Dynamics CRM, and because of its centralized repository for all documents – all documentation, regardless of what it is related to, can be efficiently handled in an easy and straightforward manner. Gasum can also now track and manage internal machines, equipment, software and contracts as well as work permits processes. Using M-Files’ dynamic views within its SharePoint workspaces, Gasum is ensured that its staff can quickly and easily find the precise information they need. Not only that, project team member tasks are also now easily managed within M-Files and no additional emails are needed to be sent about any tasks.

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