Published 19. Sep. 2016

The Value of PLM and ERP Integration for Worldwide Operations

Supply Chain and Procurement


Need for Coherence

The case company, Confidex Oy, a global supplier of high-performing contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services, is in need of communication and production solution for its worldwide operations. Its broad geographical distribution and multiple office locations (in China, Finland, and resellers in other countries) posted communication challenges between different operations. They also need to improve their reporting and enhance their production management, which were done solely in China as the former system could not be used remotely from Finland, and to solve bottlenecks in production.

Seamless Integration of PLM and ERP

To help solve the client company’s communication and production problems, Roima Intelligence suggested a common ERP system to Finland and China. Lean System ERP is a highly pre-parametered system with carefully planned project stages and a safe investment for any company. It features easy to learn, user-friendly applications and it can be implemented quickly. All in all, the solution helps speed up the ROI and saves time and money. Company also has a seamless integration of Aton PLM and Lean System ERP, which combines product data with production management and enables product data flow from engineering to production.

Transparency and Production Efficiency

There’s a significant reduction of errors and increase in transparency between the Chinese and Finnish operations with the use of a common ERP system. The solution’s user-friendly (production planning data) visual format also enabled easy monitoring. With better production planning and material management, as well as available real time information, the production bottleneck issue was resolved and distributed manufacturing and operational efficiency were achieved.

Roima Intelligence Inc. will be attending the 600Minutes Supply Chain event in Finland on the 20th of September 2016 as a solution provider. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »