Published 27. Oct. 2016

Trends in Healthcare: Focus on Customer Experience


by Markku Rimpiläinen


There are various strong forces shaping the landscape of all healthcare organizations today: Ageing population, demand for personalized care, the march of digitalization, and the progressive decrease in public funding year after year. But with challenges, come business opportunities.

Here are major trends that every healthcare organization must be prepared for:

Healthcare Needs Fast Digitalization

Digitalization hasn’t changed healthcare as much as many other industries, so far. In many countries, rigid structures, strong security requirements, and strict professional boundaries have slowed the pace down, but now it’s time for every organization to move fast and start creating new digital and customer-centric service models.

Customer Experience Becomes Crucial

The customer will be king everywhere, even in healthcare. People are expecting an equally good service experience in healthcare as in their daily affairs elsewhere. They simply won’t accept long queues and waiting times anymore and demand security, quality, speed, and friendliness, and organizations that offer the best service experiences will be the winners in the freedom of choice-s the health care increases.

People Take Responsibility on Their Health Issues

Statistics show that an increasing number of people have a healthy and active lifestyle. They also want to take more responsibility for their health. They are adopting digital tracking devices to monitor their physical activity, sleep patterns, calorie consumption, and a whole lot more. These wearable trackers will soon be complemented by much more advanced telemedicine services. Besides accurate health tracking, they also allow self-diagnostics. Services supporting this trend will see a tremendous market growth in coming years.

Preventive Health Care Proceeds

Treatment of illnesses is always much more expensive than preventive health care. Thus, public spending in preventive health care is likely to rise, and private organizations offering supportive and rewarding services in this area are likely to prosper. Service providers should combine the services of doctors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, and nutrition experts in an affordable way. The market is already there and people are willing to invest in individualized welfare services.

Significant Opportunities for Start-ups

According to common belief, big international companies rule the healthcare market. But this is not the whole truth. For example in Finland, half of the industry turnover is produced in small businesses with less than ten employees. When new technologies and service concepts rise, more start-ups will for sure enter health care. A vibrant market of early adopters is about to be born.

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