Published 09. Mar. 2018

Toward a More Sustaining Community with Technology

Leveraging grid energy storage to empower smart cities of the future.
Energy and Resources

Bringing to the discussion on the fast-evolving smart cities ecosystem in Malaysia, Stephen Canning, County Councillor for Bocking, Essex County Council, United Kingdom, shared his view on the prospect of connected homes development, and how cities can leverage that technology to enable the growing elderly population to self-serve better.

The key trend that will have a profound impact on this transformation, according to Stephen, is the way people interact with the energy grid, particularly by selling energy back to the grid. Having the smart grid-connected energy systems to align supply with demand, together with the ability to store energy locally, will bring changes to the pricing of the electricity consumption.

Commenting on the onset of Cryptocurrency, AI and Robotics and their impact on the future of smart cities, he said: “I think it will begin coming to the forefront more and be part of our normal conversations. We will see cities looking at how they can embed these trends into their normal planning processes.”

To accelerate a sustainable urban transformation, it is critical to have a shared vision amongst the community leaders and builders. From there, Stephen emphasized the importance of the negotiation skill, specifically to bring on board those who are not ready to accept or fear the rapid changes in the technology world.

Stephen himself is a keen observer of the latest news and trends circulating the industry. He spends a large part of his daily work keeping tabs on what other people are testing and trying, what’s worked and what’s failed. This allows him to ensure that his thinking is based on the impactful trends around the world.

About the speaker

Stephen Canning has strong knowledge and experience operating in complex and different environments from time spent at PwC as a Management Consultant, in local government (elected for 6 years) and in political environments (various voluntary and seconded positions in the Conservative Party and political campaigns). Stephen currently works within the Corporate Affairs team at McDonald’s driving trust in the brand with political stakeholders and maintaining media relations.

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