Published 19. Dec. 2016

Featured Expert: Menny Barzilay

Cyber Security

“Think about all the services banks could have offered online if the Internet were a safe place and hacking isn’t an option,” challenges long-time cybersecurity guru Menny Barzilay, adding that, “A secure world is a driver for innovation and cyber threats hinder our ability to progress.”

The Hackers are Still Winning

It’s not that organizations and governments aren’t doing anything to foil the hackers’party, they’re just as of the moment hard to beat, “We have governments fostering innovation and investing billions in R&D, as well as companies who are doing everything possible to make sure they are secure. Nevertheless, we already know that in the years to come, we will see more major cybersecurity incidents and more companies that are going to be hacked and more information will be leaked.”

Presently, the best that entrepreneurs, decision-makers, managers, and all cybersecurity professionals can do is just be more innovative and creative than ever, especially as the Internet of Things fast approaches, “From the hackers’ point of view, new devices are equals new targets and new attack vectors. In order to effectively support the technological future ahead, cybersecurity must leap frog, and soon.”

A Call for Disruption

As the whole cybersecurity industry finds itself in a tough spot, “What’s needed is disruption, and by that I mean, sure, all these new and amazing startups help us to increase our security, but they definitely will not solve the problem and won’t help us sleep better at night. What we need is something that will completely change the balance of power. Things that will make hacking much harder and costly than security (the opposite is true today). There are ways to achieve that. and we must try. Otherwise, we’ll have to admit – we are losing this battle.”

In a world with resource constrains, “I assume that every CISO worldwide would be happy to increase his budget since usually the list of ‘urgent thing I should take care of today’ is much longer than the list of ‘things I can do with my current budget.’ So, now the challenge is obvious. CISOs have to be very creative with the way they design their internal control architecture to make sure it has the ability to address current and emerging threats. Today, we should abandon the traditional security approach that was mostly based on ‘preventing the attacks’ and we should consider advanced security strategies that includes at least cyber intelligence, deception, APT response and security automation.”

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Menny Barzilay is the Founder and CEO of FortyTwo, CTO of Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Research Center, the former (Tech) CISO, IDF Intelligence Services and the former IT Audit Department Head, Israel’s largest banking group. He was a speaker at the 600Minutes Information and Cyber Security, 2016, in Finland, and will be gracing the stage once more at the 600Minutes Executive IT in Sweden on the 29th of March 2017. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar»