Published 03. May. 2016

Thomas Hörnfeldt is the Influencer of the Year in Sweden!



Thomas Hörnfeldt, Head of Market Intelligence and Business Solutions at SSAB won the 2016 Influencer of the Year Award at IndustryForum Machinery in Sweden.

SSAB is one of the companies that have implemented traineeships for foreign-born and educated graduates through the Swedish employment agency project “Äntligen jobb” or “Job at last” in English. Thomas Hörnfeldt, was the first person at the company to hire such graduates to his team which he believes is something that is important to highlight and encourage in other companies and Swedish business life.

Thomas Hörnfeldt’s experience from the exchange is very positive. He points out that it is beneficial to receive feedback and comments from someone with a fresh and different perspective than one’s own. Furthermore, since the trainees are very eager to prove themselves and their skills, they are highly efficient and motivated.

In Mr. Hörnfeldt’s own words: “To lead a trainee who has waited a long time to show their skills is both fun and educational. You have the privilege to mentor someone who really wants to make a difference, and at the same time, you get questions and perspectives that lead to a healthy self-reflection and an opportunity to rethink our own procedures and obvious way to work”.

If you are interested to hear more from Mr. Hörnfeldt, he will be speaking at our Business Analytics event on the 5th of October in Stockholm at Clarion Hotel.

Management Events’ Influencer of the Year Award is an annual recognition given to a visionary or pioneer who’s had a strong impact on an industry. Other nominees this year for the Swedish machinery industry included General Electric’s Hans Enocson, Trelleborg AB’s Patrik Romberg, and Volvo Group Trucks AB’s Thomas Lezama.

The nominees were chosen by the awards committee consisting of the events Advisory Board members and the event project managers. The winner was elected at IndustryForum Machinery by peers from the machinery industry.

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