Published 28. Sep. 2015

The Sheep and the Wolves of Banking and Telling Them Apart

Financial Services

By Susanna Bell


The banks that will survive and thrive in the coming decade

1) Are highly connected to the ecosystems, especially to Fintech.
2) Have created highly nimble organizations with a customer orientated culture.
3) Are masters in leveraging the data they have in conjunction with the data out there in the social media.
“So these will be the core three attributes which will separate the sheep from the predators,” Sanjeev Mehra says.

Lars Sjögren concurs and adds future banks should

4) Package the best products of their own and other service providers for the customer.
“Many banks today have tried to lock in the customers using only their own products.”
5) Hire innovators and free them from the shackles of workplace red tape.
“But give them a tight deadline and follow-up on budget and performance!”

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