Published 08. Jun. 2017

The New Role of Service and Maintenance Business

How is the service and maintainance industry being affected by digitalization? What major changes must it go through to meet the requirements of the new world?
Supply Chain and Procurement


The Service business is in a state of constant change, “We saw the evolution of machine builders turning their business into a service-driven one, and now we’re facing a new and almost unknown era. From robotics, Artificial Intelligence, sensors, data, analytics, and IoT, to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing – you name it – they’re new,” says Sataservice Group Oy’s CEO, Thomas LutherAnd they will change the world in the coming years, “We might yet know how, but we know they will.”

Sataservice Group is a trusted provider of industrial maintenance and upkeep for Finland’s leading companies. While presently more than able to provide extremely cost efficient solutions, maximize machine uptime, and develop world-class maintenance, those will not be enough in the near future.

Today, in the unpredictable digital age world, what service business needs is to look ahead, have a vision for the future, and a fresh approach to development.

Finland, as a whole, is being challenged to upgrade the way it does production — meaning there’s a requirement for more output, using less resources.

How can increased productivity be achieved through service business?

Increase in productivity through service business is all about more intelligent ways of working and using data and learning — as we go along.

It means providing premium daily maintenance and constant striving for better and more clever methods of working and ensuring the production machinery and facility technical equipment are up-to-date, and managed with the best possible life cycle view.

That means upgrading as little as possible, but ensuring that the right lifecycle output and intelligence (including IoT) brought in through upgrades are maintained, “Efficient energy consumption is now an imperative, as resources are scarce. Going green and caring about carbon emissions are ethical practices reflective of a company’s values.”

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