Published 25. Sep. 2015

The Bold and Charismatic Bankers of the Future

Financial Services



In the interview, Mr. Lalér said that first of all, the leaders had to be bold.
“You must dare make decisions. I think one of the most important things is to be open to new ideas, dare to challenge things outside the banking industry.”

Secondly, you must be really open-minded about new technology.
“It’s important that the bank is in the front-line of technique, but that’s not the only answer. You must combine it with interactions with the customers.”

Thirdly, be open-minded about how to interact with people.
“Understand that it is people we are working with, not machines.”

Fourthly, you must be really charismatic.
“You must have all the people believe in what you believe.”

This way, Mr. Lalér believes that you can achieve a great customer experience also in the future. The main word is trust.
“No hidden agendas, no fees that we are not telling you about. It’s a lot about trusting your bank.”
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