Published 27. Apr. 2017

Tailor-Made Customer-Centric Service Model as a Key Customer Experience Differentiator

What has changed in excellent customer experience delivery today? For PQR's Mourad Rerhioui, "Anyone can prepare, choose, and benchmark services, today."
Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales

Customer experience at PQR, according to Territory Sales Manager Mourad Rerhioui, is the removal of roadblocks and restrictions, to empower every local government user to deliver the highest level of service to citizens, companies, and partners, “That’s why we ensure that all services are delivered in an efficient and secure manner — and always available — so clients can focus on delivering value to their customers.”

A lot of PQR’s clients are city employees, “We empower them with flexible, secure, and productive solutions, as well as an IT that they can rely on 24/7.”

Meeting and Exceeding the Tech-Saavy Customers’ Expectations

Today, thanks to IT solutions and the Internet, customers are more informed and demanding. They —

  • Are aware of their individual needs.
  • Have direct access to companies and can communicate with them one-on-one.
  • Can give instant feedback, ratings, and share experiences with everyone.

If the customers have changed, so should companies. From company/product-centric operations to customer-centric, “Customer-centric organizations are those that listen to their customers’ needs. They act with accountability and they measure their performance based on feedback received from their customers and peers. They’re also open to the opportunities presented by mobility, social media, self-service portals, etc., to deliver the highest positive customer experience possible.

In a mobile first world, companies must be able to deliver services at the right place and time, on a secure and well-managed system, “One of the most important capabilities in IT today is to make sure that all services and data are linked, accessed, and delivered throughout the whole organization, according to clearances and authorizations.”

PQR will be attending IndustryForum Municipality in The Netherlands on the 17th of May 2017 as a solution provider. Event discussions include:

  • Modelling society: Ageing vs generation management.
  • How do we organize effective cooperation between municipalities, residents and organizations?
  • Change management: Transforming the interplay of the government and society.
  • Workplace 2.0 in the digital society.
  • How sustainable is your municipality?
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