Published 01. Dec. 2016

Speed and Security with Automated Identity Lifecycle

Cyber Security


Automation is expected in the digital age, but many processes are still manually controlled or organized via email  — which leaves a lot of room for mistakes and all their possible consequences.

A misstep in identity management, even a small one, could prove fatal for organizations and businesses. That’s why FuseLogic made it their business to support businesses with their identity management strategy. According to Manager Leon Oud, “FuseLogic automates what’s called the ’employee identity life cycle’ and sets up its control in a single environment. An employee gains automatic access to systems and data associated with the actual job(s) upon on-boarding and automatically loses it upon leaving.”

He further adds that identity management projects are by nature comprehensive. There are a lot of implementation-related decisions to be made and relevant target systems to be connected. Ready-to-use IDM accelerates a project by 90%. A typical project would take about 200 days to be completed. The good news is that number can be reduced to 20 with FuseLogic’s Ready to Use Oracle Identity Management solution. The ready-to-use IDM solution features:

  • Pre-configuration and proven best practices.
  • Enterprise and cloud applications compatibility
  • Easy integration with all applications, also shadow IT.

FuseLogic will be attending the 600Minutes Cyber Security Strategies in The Netherlands on the 5th of September 2017 as a solution provider. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar ยป