Published 20. Sep. 2017

Six Must-Haves in Building an Innovative Organization

Franklin G. Willemstein, Managing Director, at Coforce on the basics of creating a pro innovation organization.
IT Management

“Innovation is driven by the ever increasing desire and need to move-on down the path of development,” says Coforce Managing Director Franklin G. Willemstein, “True innovators set themselves apart from the pack through new business ideas that sustain profit and non-profit operations, ensure fresh products and services, and give meaning to life.”

Innovation has a profound meaning at Coforce, “We understand that we need innovation in our core or soon become obsolete. ”

With the incoming AI age featuring Robotic Process Automation (RPA), cognitive computing merging with human thinking, biological regeneration, machine learning, and nano-technology, organizations can’t afford not to innovate, and innovate fast.

Personal and Internal Change

Change for Willemstein is something that has to come from within, “Every human being perceives change according his own adoption framework. It’s a flow with multiple aspects and timeframe.”

How to help change along and foster innovation? He shared three tips:

  • Encourage an open atmosphere  – Select pioneers that are intuitive and investigative.  Historically, it’s innovators and pioneers that explored new and potential horizons and paved the way for change.
  • Respect people’s pace – Don’t force people into projects they don’t believe in. Make sure to communicate and reason together to find out what’s mutually beneficial. Here, feelings may very well be more important than numbers.
  • Don’t force any result –  Remember that innovation is a journey and not a goal in itself. If you’re not yet in the frontline, be content with being a gatekeeper for now.

Supply of Essential Capabilities

The managing director also shared three crucial capabilities every innovation-driven organization has:

  • Technology – It should always be to serve mankind and enrich their lives. Innovation purely for the sake of moneymaking wouldn’t appeal to the masses.
  • Collaboration – Co-creation will be required, if not made a pre-requisite. An innovative setup can’t do without mixed resources, talents, and technology, as well as intertwined global processes.
  • Novelty – There always has to be an air of freshness, as if things are always beginning. New ecosystems should be built having the preference of the younger generation in mind. There also has to be new ideas on how to overcome or how to bridge old and new thinking, taking the saying “You can’t solve today’s problems with the same thinking as when it was developed” with a grain of salt.

As for leadership, “It requires a leader who’s inspirational, charismatic, and with a trustworthy personality. And it’s not one physical leader per se, but a group of leading people in all sorts of roles and strengths.”

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