Published 27. Jan. 2017

[Report] The Experience Organization: Building a Customer-Driven Business

Based on 4,201 responses by top executives from Europe and Southeast Asia's largest organizations, the report is a closer look at the strategic development of customer experience across functions, industries, and regions.
Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales

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The business scene is a buzz with “customer experience” as if it’s a new thing. Everyone talks about it as if organizations have just recently realized the truth behind the old adage “The Customer is Always Right”.

That’s, of course, not the case. Customer satisfaction has always been the lifeline of businesses.

But how it’s defined and achieved in the digital age is what’s creating the noise. Today, customer loyalty is a slippery slope, in-between a need and an actual purchase are numerous make or break points, and then there’s omnichannel.

The race is on to snap up the customer before the competition. Who will win the race?

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Key Report Takeaways

  • Designing customer experience in the digital age requires strong business and customer understanding, plus sound technical and analytical capabilities. Building a viable strategy for customer-centric organization calls for cross-functional cooperation. Currently, the CX development responsibility is mainly on the shoulders of business management, marketing and sales, and IT management.
  • 65% of organizations believe they have managed to create a customer-focused culture. However, almost half of customer experience decision-makers evaluate their ability to define clear CX development responsibilities as average or poor.
  • Tracking the entire customer path and designing customer experience into one end-to-end entity is not yet self-evident for most organizations. Almost 60% admit their ability to produce an omnichannel experience with relevant content is average or poor. Another are they find challenging is creating value out of customer data.
  • Digital technologies are an essential part of customer experience, and tech-savvy IT is the designated partner for all departments to harness their potential. The advent of Artificial Intelligence, as well as virtual and augmented reality, will bring about new and unimaginable experiences, further toughening up the competition for the customer’s attention.

The Experience Orgnization: Building a Customer-Driven Business

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