Published 13. Mar. 2017

[Report] Digital Healthcare: Healthcare Industry Outlook

Based on the responses of 334 decision-makers from healthcare organizations in Europe, the report takes a closer look at the changes happening in the healthcare industry as a result of digitalization, as well as current initiatives, investments, and more.

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In terms of technological applications, the healthcare industry and digitalization are a great a match. Currently, the focus of healthcare organizations is on mobile, analytics, cloud, and cyber security, however, industry game changers, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, IoT, and wearable technologies, are on the rise.

IT will be at the center of creation and implementation of anything new. Currently, the biggest goal for IT is increasing processes, people, and cost efficiency.

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Key Report Takeaways

  • The healthcare industry is actively looking for new opportunities in patient care and services in the digital world. From electronic medical records and patients systems, extended uses of analytics, patient self-service applications, to augmented reality-assisted surgeries,and AI -based medical diagnosis – better, faster, and more accurate care is on its way.
  • More than half of healthcare organizations consider product and service innovation as their top development initiatives together with customer experience. Healthcare is changing and customers are taking a more active role in monitoring and caring for their own health.
  • At the core of healthcare’s organizational development is the creation of mutual value for the organization and its patients. Making up healthcare organizations’ top 3 development projects are developing hospital and patient information systems, building lean processes, and offering self-service solutions.
  • IT budgets in healthcare are on the rise, thanks to technology-driven changes. Currently, among the most important technology initiatives for healthcare organizations are analytics, cloud services, cyber security, and mobility, with the focus increasingly shifting to 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, and wearable technologies.

Digital Healthcare: Healthcare Industry Outlook 

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