Published 30. Sep. 2015

Innovative mobile payment application brings Bank Pekao S.A. the Leader of Innovative Banking Award

Financial Services


The mobile payment application PeoPay HCE brings Bank Pekao S.A. the Leader of Innovative Banking Award at Management Events’ IndustryForum Banking event on September 22 in Warsaw, Poland.

The award was accepted by Bartosz Zborowski, Director of Department for Strategic Projects at Bank Pekao S.A.

The Advisory Board of the event, which selected the winner, had this to say:”The mobile payments application PeoPay HCE of Bank Pekao S.A. is recognized as one of the most innovative solutions in the Polish banking sector. Bank Pekao S.A. is the first bank in Poland and one of the first in Europe offering HCE mobile payments technology to its customers. New technology allows to make payments without necessity to use a specific mobile operator.”

This year the other candidates were Getin Noble Bank SA, Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. and Idea Bank S.A.

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