Published 05. Oct. 2016

Process and Cost-Efficiency with Real Time By-the-Hour Invoicing

Energy and Resources


Need to Cut Cost and Speed Up Processes

The case company, Elenia Oy — the second largest electricity distribution network operator in Finland with operations in more than 100 cities and municipalities, as well as a distribution network of approximately 67, 600 km-wide — is in need of a new cost-efficient solution for their highly automated processes. After their total electricity distribution volume reached 5, 994 GWh in 2015, which served more than 400, 000 end-customers, their highly automated processes need an upgrade. The solution must feature new invoicing rules based on hourly values and the capability to make allowances for future market changes, especially in the Finnish datahub.

It must also reduce the following:

  • The number of customers requiring more digital solutions.
  • Time to market.
  • Cost and big rationalizations of the existing back-office.

A Completely New and Personalized System

Empower IM‘s solution is scalable, multilingual, and database-independent, and it includes a completely new modular architecture (SOA) with open interfaces to enable customized business platforms building. It also has an HTML 5 web–portal, process wizards, highly automated processes aligned with task management, and the all-important real-time billing capability based on hourly values.

Process and Cost-Efficiency

The two most important features — real time invoicing based on hourly values and highly automated processes — had a domino effect on the case company’s cost and efficiency. As the solution can process more than 100,000 invoice-PDFs in just an hour, there’s a significant reduction in monthly invoicing delays, a 50% decrease in main users, a two-minutes per errand cut in average customer errand handling time. Overall, the solution wasn’t only cost-efficient, it’s also profitable as it resulted in faster cash flow.

Empower IM Oy will be attending our IndustryForum Energy event in Sweden on the 24th of January 2017 as a solution provider. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »