Published 19. Mar. 2020

Safety Measures For COVID-19


The situation with COVID -19 is a true resilience and continuity test for many industries. Our thoughts are with the people affected by this situation and the healthcare professionals striving to contain the COVID-19.


Important Notice

If you have registered for our April & May events, our teams will contact you soon regarding the planned events. Your usual contacts will be available to answer any questions you might have as well.

FAQ for Delegates
FAQ for Partners / Solution Providers

*New: We’re going virtual – A number of our events will be conducted online this spring! Stay tuned for more information.


March Event Status:

Original Event Date Country Event Name Status
05.03.2020 The Netherlands Data and Analytics Took Place
10.03.2020 Sweden 600Minutes Executive IT Postponed to 29.09.2020
11.03.2020 Norway Smart Retail Norway Took Place
17.03.2020 Germany IndustryForum Retail Postponed to 06.-07.10.2020
24.03.2020 Finland 600Minutes Information and Cyber Security Postponed to 01.09.2020
25.03.2020 Finland 600Minutes ScaleUp Executives Postponed to 02.09.2020
26.03.2020 Finland Analytics & Data Science Postponed to 01.09.2020



April Event Status:

Original Event Date Country Event Name Status
01.04.2020 The Netherlands 6th Annual European Strategy Forum Retail Postponed to 14.-16.04.2021
09.04.2020 The Netherlands 600Minutes Supply Chain and Production Postponed to 23.09.2020
22.04.2020 Denmark 600Minutes Information and Cyber Security Postponed to 11.11.2020
22.04.2020 Sweden 600Minutes Executive HR Postponed to 11.09.2020
22.04.2020 Germany Business Analytics Postponed to 10.09.2020
28.04.2020 Sweden Analytics & Data Science Postponed to 16.10.2020
28.04.2020 Norway 600Minutes Human Resources Postponed to 01.12.2020



May Event Status:


Original Event Date Country Event Name Status
05.05.2020 Finland Business Strategies in Digital Transformation Postponed to 22.10.2020
06.05.2020 Finland 600Minutes Innovation and Product Development Virtual event
06.05.2020 Austria 600Minutes Executive IT Postponed to 23.09.2020 / Virtual event on 06.05.2020
06.05.2020 Sweden 600Minutes Smart Factories Postponed to 10.11.2020
06.05.2020 Sweden IndustryForum Manufacturing Postponed to 10.-11.11.2020
06.05.2020 Finland IndustryForum Energy Postponed to 10.-11.11.2020
07.05.2020 Finland 600Minutes Leadership and HR Postponed to 16.09.2020
12.05.2020 Norway 600Minutes CFO Postponed to 13.10.2020
12.05.2020 The Netherlands 600Minutes Leadership & HR Postponed to 16.11.2020
12.05.2020 The Netherlands IndustryForum Government Postponed to 02.02.2021
12.05.2020 Sweden Nordic IndustryForum Banking and Insurance Postponed to 08.-09.12.2020
13.05.2020 Sweden Nordic StrategyForum Supply Chain and Procurement Postponed to 07.-08.12.2020
13.05.2020 Germany 600Minutes Future Enterprise IT Postponed to 20.01.2021
20.05.2020 Switzerland 600Minutes CFO Postponed to 22.10.2020 / Virtual event on 20.05.2020
20.05.2020 Sweden E-Commerce Strategies Postponed to 03.11.2020
26.05.2020 Sweden 600Minutes ScaleUp Executives Postponed to 17.11.2020
26.05.2020 Germany DACH StrategyForum Internet of Things Postponed to 2021
27.05.2020 Sweden Cloud Strategies Postponed to 15.10.2020
27.05.2020 Denmark 600Minutes Executive Finance Postponed to 09.09.2020
27.05.2020 Germany IndustryForum Insurance Postponed
27.05.2020 Finland Executive Club Forest Industry Postponed to 03.09.2020



June Event Status:


Original Event Date Country Event Name Status
03.06.2020 The Netherlands 600Minutes Future IT Postponed to 09.06.2021
03.06.2020 The Netherlands Digital Transformation Postponed to 03.09.2020
03.06.2020 The Netherlands IndustryForum Retail Postponed to 09.-10.11.2020
03.06.2020 The Netherlands Business Artificial Intelligence Postponed to 10.06.2021
04.06.2020 The Netherlands Cloud Strategies Postponed to 10.11.2020
09.06.2020 Germany Enterprise Digitalization Virtual event
16.06.2020 Switzerland IndustryForum Insurance Postponed to 01.09.2020
17.06.2020 Switzerland IndustryForum Healthcare Postponed



As a global event organizer with more than 250 employees across 10 countries, our priority is the safety of our customers, employees and partners – Management Events teams have worked for weeks on how to handle this exceptional situation.


Safety of our customers and staff

Management Events offices work remotely, replacing in-person meetings with virtual working solutions until further notice. Our teams have full capability to maintain the reachability and response times for our customers and partners while we continue the work on the fall season events.


Events spring 2020 are pushed forward

Our teams and partners have collaborated very closely to find new dates later this year for the majority of our spring season events. We look forward to continuing to deliver valuable networking and insights to boost businesses across Europe! Our customers have welcomed our proactiveness and change of plans warmly, which we are thankful for.

All attendees and solution providers will receive event-specific information on the new dates and how we operate further. We will actively communicate to all our customers on any updates in the current plans. Our local teams will contact all spring season event attendees and solution providers in the coming weeks with updates.


Business Continuity

The exceptional situation brings concerns to all stakeholders’ financial outlook. While we put health first, we also want to support our customers in ways it is possible in the current situation. We strive to ensure the events taking place later this year will support our customers the best possible way to grow their businesses again.


Together we will overcome this

We have been delighted with the support and cooperation with our customers and partners – how we as a business community are finding solutions to move forward. The only way to bounce forward from here is to work together, across companies, countries and businesses.


For more information about our COVID-19 protocols and upcoming events, you can contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!