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IoT Product Development

IoT product development challenges existing R&D thinking and enables more impactful product development.

23. Mar. 17

HR-to-Go: The Future of HR Service Delivery

PeopleDoc's Wieland Volkert sees HR Services as something that employees can, someday, just order out.

23. Mar. 17

The Rise of Third-Party Reputation Risk Management

Picture your commercial landscape in a pre-compliance era. Difficult, isn't it? Such are the intense demands of recent years that it's sometimes hard to remember simpler times.

22. Mar. 17

Featured Expert: Garry Kasparov

One of the world's greatest chess players of all time wants you to stop wasting your time running away from AI and start preparing for it.

21. Mar. 17

Internet of Things as a Driver for Smart ERP

Since the dawn of ERP systems, the sole role of machine generated data was to enable the proper execution of the supply chain. With the ongoing adoption of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication enables collaborative shop floor planning and machine generated (big) data presents a value in its own right. This paradigm shift calls for new Smart ERP systems that make use of big data in (predictive) planning throughout the entire value chain and create the transparency for improved governance, risk, security, and compliance management.

21. Mar. 17

Digitalization is Key to Great Customer Experience Delivery

Customer experience is on everyone's agenda these days. There may yet be a set of universal guidelines for how to best deliver it, but Adra Software AS, a digital company, has some ideas.

20. Mar. 17

Alkon Verkkokauppa-Projekti Wins the 2017 ME IT Project of the Year Award in Finland

The 2017 Management Events 600Minutes Executive IT Project of the Year was awarded to Alkon Verkkokauppa-Projekti.

17. Mar. 17

What a Value-Based 3M Health Information System Requires

Tech is a given in digitalization, but when you're working with people, you have to also invest in people. Here's Dr. Suat Akyol, Business Manager – Health Information Systems at 3M Deutschland GmbH, on what it takes for health professionals to succeed in the digital age.

15. Mar. 17

Brigitte Waldispühl Suter is Swiss Healthcare’s Influencer of the Year

On the 8th of March 2017 at IndustryForum Healthcare in Switzerland, Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale's Brigitte Waldispühl Suter was named Swiss Healthcare's most influential person.

15. Mar. 17

Zaini Bin Mohd Hussain Wins Best IoT Project in SEA

The 2017 Best IoT Project of the Year was awarded to Penang Port Sdn Bhd's Zaini Bin Mohd Hussain.

15. Mar. 17

[Report] Digital Healthcare: Healthcare Industry Outlook

Based on the responses of 334 decision-makers from healthcare organizations in Europe, the report takes a closer look at the changes happening in the healthcare industry as a result of digitalization, as well as current initiatives, investments, and more.

13. Mar. 17

[Video] Find out what our customers said about the importance of a great customer experience

We spoke with ICA Gruppen's Håkan Gustavsson and Pulsterveys Oy’s Miina Pulkkinen about customer experience at our events in Finland and Sweden. Here's what they said:

07. Mar. 17

What’s on their Mind? – The Daunting Task of Building the “Perfect” Customer Experience Strategy

What do customers want? How do they want it and where do they want it?

28. Feb. 17

Pursue Digital Transformation Aggressively and Safely by Leveraging Cloud-Based Security

Qualys, pioneer of cloud-based security solutions, explains why moving to a cloud-based security solution makes a lot of sense.

28. Feb. 17

Innovation is About Finding an Important Problem and Solving It

For Olle Alvemark, Scandinavia Industry Director at IFS, one of the main drivers of innovation should be problem solving.

21. Feb. 17
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