Published 30. Nov. 2015

Olle Sundin won the Public Sector Influencer of the Year Award

Public Sector


The Public Sector Influencer of the Year Award is given annually to a visionary or a pioneer who has had a strong impact on their field.

The nominees were named by the awards committee, which consists of the IndustryForum Government event’s Advisory Board members and the winner was chosen by the participants of the event.

When asked about how others in a similar position could succeed, Olle Sundin emphasizes openness; calling things for what they are. Basing actions on review and analysis without forgetting to deliver results and fulfilling promises are how things are handled at LFV.

As the most important turning point in his career, the winner mentions his first managerial role back in the 80’s. To suddenly become responsible for his colleagues taught Sundin how to think and act in a new way.

To be responsible for leading a multi-billion-project of the rebuilding the airport Bromma into a modern city airport in an environment with dedicated neighbors, tenants and traders was educational. Drawing from this experience another important learning was how to deal with political commitment both on the local and national level.

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