Published 11. May. 2017

Coming this October: The #1 AI and Robotics Forum for Business Executives and Solution Providers

IoT product development challenges existing R&D thinking and enables more impactful product development.
Strategy and Development

So, don’t be left behind. Join us in Helsinki, Finland on October 25 – 26, 2017, for:

European Business AI and Robotics

The event will feature some of the biggest names in the tech and innovation circuit:

Activist, Futurist, and the first ever human beaten by a computer in chess, 13th World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov

Former Israeli Defense Force CISO and Cybersecurity expert, Menny Barzilay

and from the world’s Best Digital Bank 2016, DBS, Most Disruptive CIO of the World 2016  awardee, Neal Cross

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Participating partners: BMW, Germany, Lego, Denmark, KONE, Finland, DBS, Singapore! Find out more »