Published 14. Sep. 2016

Most Innovative and Inspiring IoT Project in Denmark Goes to Rasmus Ahrenkiel Lyngby

Internet of Things

Rasmus Ahrenkiel Lyngby

The 2016 Most Innovative and Inspiring IoT Project Award went to Siemens Wind Power’s Rasmus Ahrenkiel Lyngby, besting two other worthy concepts by HerningCentret’s Kim Lauritsen and Aarhus Kommune’s Adam Brun.

Rasmus’ project is part of the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark’s (MADE) Work Package 9, which deals with smart quality assurance for items with massive surfaces.

Work Package 9 is MADE’s innovation arm — the organization’s new ideas, solutions, and knowledge factory — which is responsible for the creation new products and services. It aims to upgrade Denmark’s production processes through the development of high-tech solutions such as robotics and 3D printing, and training of innovative and a highly skilled Danish employees.

Rasmus has a Master of Science in Electronics and IT from Aalborg University and is currently working on an Industrial PhD at DTU with Siemens Wind Power as a partner.

Management Events’ Project of the Year Award is an annual recognition of a successfully executed idea that has greatly contributed to a company’s growth and development. The nominees and winner are chosen by the Internet of Things, Denmark, event participants.

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