Published 07. Sep. 2016

The Most Important Topic in Cyber Security Has Nothing to Do with Tech

Cyber Security


For Christian Brennsteiner, Head of Enterprise Architect and Digital Security at SPAR Business Services, “Employee awareness is the most underestimated topic in cyber security.” He observes that many security professionals focus heavily on technical issues when,”We should first be paying attention to the human element, as 90% of tech failures are caused by humans.”

Sebastian Kumpmann, Head of IT Compliance at ThyssenKrupp, echoes Brennsteiner’s sentiments, “Employee awareness is a key success factor in information security strategy.” He also considers employees as the strongest shield against cyber attacks, “Our employees are our primary threat and attack sensors. We can get the first and best impressions of a possible attack from employees with a good sense of what’s happening and great presence of mind to call us or their colleagues in a timely manner.” But he warns that employees are, at the same time, the most vulnerable to tricks by outside attackers so, “The best way to prepare them from threats is to have continuous awareness training. We encourage our employees to have a positive attitude towards IT and new security ideas.”

From Visionary IT: Perspectives on the Modern IT Organization


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The interviews were conducted at DACH IndustryForum Cyber and Information Security in Germany on the 2nd -3rd of February 2016. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »