Published 17. Sep. 2015

Machinery Seeks Competitiveness Through Digitalization


By Susanna Bell 


Existing business processes need to be renewed, 3 in 5 top decision-makers say, as do products and services. 1 in 2 see the renewed products and services as an avenue to growth in existing markets. 56% think growth opportunities arise from new technology, and 1 in 2 wish to adopt those new technologies.

Digital solutions are now the most sought-after method for staying ahead of the competition in supply chain management. 56% of leaders quizzed pinpointed big data and analytics as sources of innovation and a competitive advantage, according to the Management Events industrial trend report. 34% claim them to have a significant impact on the business already now. 54% believe this to be the case three years from now.

Mobility and the Internet of Things engender nearly as much trust. 48% of supply chain management say they will have a significant impact in three years’ time.

37% of companies polled have revenues in excess of 1 billion euros. 40% have more than 1,000 people on the payroll.
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