Published 04. Mar. 2016

Lean Supports Sustainability and Encourages Innovation

Production and Manufacturing


The production management’s key development initiatives are largely aimed at educating and training the workforce to think “less is more” or lean. More than 50% of decision-makers are interested in improving their lean competencies and adopting lean methods and tools. In the next couple of years, companies are going to be focusing on production organization leadership and in building a multi-skilled workforce.

According to Andreas Feldmann, Researcher in Supply Chain Management at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, “Well, research has shown that sustainability actually correlates with value, in general, with financial results and operative results, market growth, and also with innovation.” To weed out unnecessary processes that don’t, in the end, serve the customer, companies look to lean management approaches for guidance. So, for Christian Schüssler, Head of Quality Management at Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket, “We are working a lot on standardization where you have room for improvements and to structure the processes. So we are working a lot on lean management approaches to generate innovations.”

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