Published 23. Sep. 2016

Kampusareena Wins Property Project of the Year in Finland!

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Kampusareena, Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy, was awarded the Management Events Finnish Property Project of the Year Award, besting two other worthy projects in OP Group and its new facilities, OP Group and New headquarters and new ways of working, Tieto Oyj.

Kampusareena, is remarkable building at the heart of Tampere University of Technology campus. It was built to enhance the university’s image and encourage lively activities and designed to encourages people who study, work, and visit the campus, to go out, mingle, and not just stay in the buildings.

Just a year into its inauguration, Kampusareena transformed into an very attractive and lively meeting place for campus and business people alike. It’s an excellent example of a university-industry collaboration, which is unique in the world, as different companies flocked to the area to work and collaborate.

The building has now become a brand and a landmark boasting of beautiful architecture, solutions, and examples of sustainability. It has solar energy systems, grass roofs, and other environmentally-friendly features.

An innovation by itself, all its floors have their specialties:

  • The lower level has a modern interactive library, open 24/7 for students.
  • The 1st floor is for services and companies.
  • The 2nd floor is a restaurant, learning space, and a meeting area for companies. It has a special acoustic interior designed for communication and adjustable spaces for all kinds of happenings.
  • The 3rd floor, Dimecc and Edutech, fosters innovation.
  • The 4th floor, Huawei, encourages new technology research.
  • The 5th floor, Kampusklubi, is for research and development.
  • The 6th floor has its own activity-based office, which is shared with  partners and clients. The office has the best office surroundings according to Leesman’s survey.
  • The 7-8th floors, Regus Kora, are the university office hotels.

Management Events’ Project of the Year Award is an annual recognition of a successfully executed idea that has greatly contributed to a company’s growth and development. The nominees and winner are chosen by the 600Minutes Property Managementevent participants.

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Juha Turunen

Chief Solution Executive, Symbio Finland