Published 12. Jul. 2016

Top IT Leaders' Dream Vacation Spots

Strategy and Development


Teemu Ylhäisi, IT Security Director, Andritz Oy

“There are two things I’d like to have on a dream vacation. Mountains by the sea, so I can go hiking and biking on the mountains in the morning, and then relax with the family and enjoy the waves and the golden sun in the afternoon.”

Jukka-Pekka Numminen, Director, IT Development and Architecture, Pöyry Oyj

“London. No doubt about it.”

Helinä Tapaninen, IT Manager, McDonald’s Oy

“That’s an easy question to answer. I’d take the ocean liner Queen Mary from Southampton to New York and spend seven days at sea. I’d be totally offline doing other things like enjoying the the ship’s good food and excellent service.”

Ove Fagerlund, Chief Information Officer, Neo Industrial Oyj

“I like outdoor activities, so I think I’d go somewhere in France to enjoy nature, fresh air, and food.”

Esa Pylkkänen, Head of Identity and Access Management, Nokia Networks

“A beautiful location somewhere where there’s no wireless LAN or mobile network connection or anything IT-related. So, a picturesque spot in nature would be a good place to start.”

The interviews were conducted at the 600Minutes Information and Cyber Security event in Finland on May 19, 2016. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar»