Published 10. May. 2017

IoT Fails without Superior Interconnection

For Equinix, provider of carrier-neutral data centers and Internet exchanges, interconnection should be in every IT infrastructure's core principle. Here's why.
Internet of Things


The pace of change are forcing companies to move data storage systems out of their basements and into interconnected, secure, and scalable environments. It also demands for business leaders to continuously review their IT strategies for solutions that best suit their organizational needs.

As for customers, more and more are re-architecting their IT infrastructure to shift from siloed and centralized to distributed and co-located, which increasingly comes in the form of a hybrid cloud solution that integrates both public and private clouds.

It’s clearly all about interconnection.

Gartner recently identified interconnection as one of the key strategy trends for 2017 and Equinix couldn’t agree more.

They firmly believe that the most successful businesses rely on collaboration and strategic connections to function optimally, that’s why they built a global footprint of colocation data centers in locations where businesses need connectivity the most.

The result? Once their customers embraced interconnection as their IT infrastructure’s core principle, they saw numerous competitive advantages including improved enterprise collaboration and productivity and the ability to access more accurate insight from customer and product data in real-time.

In short, it allowed them to grow across markets and meet new customer demands.

What Would IoT be without Deep Interconnectivity?

IoT is the biggest game-changer on the horizon.

It’s affecting everything and everyone, spanning all regions and industry sectors. And it’s in the automotive industry and its driverless cars where it’s best showcased. For driverless cars to work effectively, synergy between the car’s own systems and real-time information about the road and its surroundings is required. The volume of data this will create will be astonishing, and will require a reliable and high-capacity data management solution.

Here, success requires massive innovation and collaboration efforts from parties like insurance companies, car manufacturers, data providers, and more, to overcome the challenges posted by autonomous driving. IoT will fail here without the all-important deep interconnection between partners, providers and customers.

As companies develop solutions to the rapid growth of new, disruptive technologies in an increasingly connected world, the one ingredient that companies can’t do without is high-performance, secure, fast interconnection. It’s the central nervous system for the IoT,  bringing all of the vital functions together so they can work effectively.

Time for Next Level Cloud Technology

If customer data is managed correctly, it can deliver a competitive edge for their businesses to maximize revenue and improve resources, resulting in an enhanced customer experience. The key to achieving this is ensuring that customers can fully leverage the cloud, specifically the need for companies to bypass the public cloud to ensure the safety and efficient transfer of data.

In order to respond to the increasing adoption of cloud by enterprise customers, Equinix developed the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Through the Cloud Exchange, customers have access to software-defined connections to multiple cloud services from a single physical port, allowing them to access whatever service they need. It’s the only neutral ground where all the major cloud providers can collaborate under one roof.

With ever-increasing amounts of data, companies must realize that keeping the IT architecture siloed and centralized will result in missed chances to fully access the assortment of new revenue streams and markets which come from operating in an ecosystem with potential customers, partners and suppliers – and it’s high-performance, secure, fast interconnection that provides the answer.

Equinix will be attending the DACH StrategyForum Internet of Things in Germany on the 30th – 31st of May 2017 as a solution provider. Event discussions include: 

  • Process optimization through information and communication technology.
  • Advanced Data Analytics – Achieving reliable and valid results.
  • How does the digitization of work affect staff development?
  • Car-to-X-Communication – Security and features.
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