Published 07. Aug. 2018

Invest to Protect: Discover the Advantages of a Highly Secure and Integrated Solution

The role of secure data exchange in digitalization in an interview with DRACOON CIO Marc Schieder



“Without secure data exchange, digitalization – especially in the banking industry – is unthinkable.” – Marc Schieder, CIO, DRACOON


In an era where data is vulnerable to threats and attacks, the awareness of security has risen steadily, simultaneously gaining importance and demand from customers. The fact that everything is tied up with computers –money, properties, healthcare, etc. – leaves users exposed to hackers with malicious intent. In addition, digitalization brings completely new requirements for collaboration, both internally and externally. These include the provision of evaluations, liquidity and financial plans, investment portfolios, annual financial statements, contracts, invoices, to name a few. For DRACOON, an enterprise file sharing solution provider, having a secure foundation for organizations is key to successfully digitalize, counteract data crime, and ensure a secure collaboration.



DRACOON’s mission is to push a paperless daily life; moving all locally-stored data, to a highly-secured cloud storage. With the help of the universally applicable API, various processes and workflows in the financial sector can be automated. All these are issues that play an immensely important role in the progress of digitalization. DRACOON’s enterprise file sharing solution makes an enormous contribution to mastering these challenges. It ensures an absolutely secure exchange between banks, consultants, clients, tax advisors, auditors, insurance companies and all other parties involved in the financial world. For example, documents are stored immediately in the client’s or customer’s folder, but it is also possible to jointly process data for financial projects with internal and external partners worldwide without restrictions. However, going paperless entails a risk to not being able to physically protect information. Imagine leaving your most critical and private information in the hands of the cloud – what exactly are your assurances for protection? DRACOON restores data sovereignty: its admin concept means that it must also be possible to exclude a so-called super admin from accessing certain business-critical information. The customer receives a detailed authorization concept that is exactly tailored to the needs of a company. Client-side encryption provides maximum data security. DRACOON supports clients in implementing and complying with the EU GDPR.




Consciousness towards the importance of data protection started with a societal change in recent years. It is official: the age of information has begun. Cybercrimes are rampant, and users are more vigilant than ever. The rights of individuals are becoming increasingly important, and rightfully so, as people now require special protection: the kind of solution where they are ensured that data can be processed securely with appropriate transparency for the authorized user and the owner of the information. For some, the ultimate protection is for a solution to be readily available even before the customer realizes the need for it.



The public cloud is owned and operated by a third party for the use of other companies or individuals. These commercial providers create a highly scalable data center that hides the details of the underlying infrastructure from the consumer. Furthermore, a private cloud is owned and operated by an organization for the use of its employees, partners, and customers. It can be created and managed by a third party for the exclusive use of one enterprise. As of today, DRACOON is investing in Hybrid Cloud Computing. In this model, the cloud is combined with the customer’s needs, allowing the users to determine which data is stored securely in the cloud, and which is stored in their own server network. By combining both components, a consistent secure availability of data is created. Therefore, a Hybrid Cloud is the ultimate definition of corporate computing. Soon, organizations will come to realize the importance of many different types of cloud services in order to meet a variety of customer needs. By being a step ahead, DRACOON is already investing in preventive measures for customers on problems that are yet to come.


The question now is: how do you successfully implement a successful digitalization? All processes in an organization must be carefully examined. It is necessary to analyze and evaluate all the steps as a whole and bring them together at the decisive nodes. Organizations and their employees must develop a completely different sensitivity and be trained and educated with regard to data protection and data security. DRACOON provides the basis and foundation as a central data storage that can operate all relevant other systems via API. Digitalization means that the availability of information is permanent. The amount of cloud data each person uses is expected to triple from 2015 to 2020, which can be used in a wide variety of attacks. In a nutshell, data is becoming increasingly vulnerable by the minute. At this point, organizations should invest in solutions to protect their biggest asset: their data.


DRACOON will be attending IndustryForum Banking in Germany on the 26th and 27th of September 2018