Published 09. Feb. 2016

Influencer of the Year Goes to Rickard Lundberg in Sweden!

Production and Manufacturing

IOY_picture-Rickard Lundberg

Management Events’ Influencer of the Year Award is given annually to a visionary or a pioneer who has shown excellence in leadership or has contributed greatly to their company. The nominees were named by the awards committee – which consists of the event’s Advisory Board members, and the winner is chosen by the participants of the event.

Rickard was chosen as the Influencer of the Year 2016 due to his genuine leadership and very high competence in lean manufacturing. When he started at Volvo GTO, Volvo Group Truck Operations AB in 2014, he had a clear goal: To become the best transmission factory in the world.

He says that the journey started with changing the mindset of the leaders and co-workers in the plant, adding, “We aligned the whole organization round the vision and the different topics we needed to address to take us from today towards where we wanted to be. The transfer of the factory needed both soft and hard ingredients and all the different projects started was targeting the ideal state that was set up. We have visual, paced and effective flows that ‘talks to us.’ It is a factory to be proud of and our coworkers and leaders cooperate around our standardized way of working and continuous improvement.”

This year’s other candidates were:

Erik Ekman, Process Executive Team Lead, AstraZeneca AB
Elsa Ekman, Manufacturing Operations Manager, Coca-Cola Drycker Sverige AB
Peter Carlsson, General Manager, Boliden Bergsöe ABu

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