Published 30. Sep. 2016

How to Show Customers They are Valued and Understood

Retail and Consumer


Create the Ultimate Shopper’s Journey

“To truly engage with the customer, a business must have the ability to transform their data into a strategic asset, using it to create an experience that shoppers really value,” shares Symphony GOLD’s Strategic Account Manager Judith Zielinski. Retailers must have the skill to differentiate through assortment relevancy with the most relevant winning over variety. What’s more, the capability to differentiate should be on a very local level, rather than regional or national.

With customers now directing changes in retail — demanding value, convenience, and choice — one way of providing good customer experience is by ensuring ease of shopping or making it so that customers find their preferred products easily and purchasing it immediately. This is one way of showing shoppers that they are valued and understood by the retailer.

Invest in Digital Technology

It is key for retailers to set their technology infrastructure up in such a way that it allows them to quickly react to changes in product availability or consumer trends. Using digital technology as a measurement tool will provide the capability for knowledge-based customer targeting.

Zielinkski adds, “It takes a combination of a customer focused corporate culture, together with systems able to provide easy to understand and up-to-date customer and product information.” The better a retailer knows their customer the more they are able to provide what they want, when they want it.

One of these systems is proximity marketing using geo-location technology, the latest tool being evaluated by retail, where the store can both identify the shopper and their location in-store. The technology underpinning proximity marketing allows immediate dialogue between the retailer, store, and the shopper. Why is this so important? Zielinski explains, “Retailers who are serious about providing an excellent customer experience need to leverage intelligence on customer preferences, as well as buying patterns.” With geo-location technology, a far more tightly targeted and relevant communication can be achieved with customers. This is particularly important in environments such as grocery or DIY, where a store assistant may not be readily on hand.

Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

Today’s customer no longer shops based solely on proximity or loyalty, they make their choice based on ease of shop. Digital technology allows retailers to provide the most relevant assortment, and make it easy and convenient for the consumer to find and purchase their preferred products instore or online. A company that combines their category management skills, supply chain, and retail operations with data on shopping habits will have a distinct competitive advantage.

The following are the capabilities needed to provide a seamless customer experience:

  • Consistency – To deliver a seamless customer experience demands consistency. The central brand values, or customer promise, associated with the bricks and mortar environment need to be fully appreciated and then emulated, exceeded or newly innovated across all channels.
  • Differentiation – Differentiating product and customer capabilities is also important. The ability to differentiate service goals and promise availability at the point of order pick is key to customer satisfaction.
  • Relevance – Customer insights, when used correctly, are fundamental to providing tailored services to consumers ensuring that whichever channels they use they receive information that is relevant to them. Offering relevant information, offers and prices goes a long way towards customer satisfaction and retention.

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