Published 08. Jun. 2017

How to Achieve 78 Percent First-Contact Resolution in Just Three Months

The case company, Swedbank, needed a simple but engaging solution for their customers to easily access information and perform basic transactions by themselves. Nuance, pioneers in making technology fluent in all things human, introduced Nina™ Web. Find out what happened next.
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The Challenge: Create Digital Customer Experience for Swedbank’s Increasing Number of Digital Customers

In 2014, Swedbank handled 3.6 million customer interactions, with more than two million being basic transactional queries. 58% of customers were banking with the company digitally; and 80% of customers logged into a digital channel at least once a month, including an average of more than 20 logins per month to Swedbank’s Mobile Bank.

The bank is projecting that by 2018, their customers will be contacting them solely via the digital channels, which necessitates the availability of self-service options on all digital channels.

Swedbank needed to:

  • Enable 2 million customer interactions per year to be quickly resolved through self-service.
  • Allow all banking to be handled via self-service on digital channels.
  • Free up contact centre staff to focus on value-added tasks.
  • Create a platform for new services to enhance customer experiences for an expanding digital user base.

The Solution: Virtual Customer Service Assistant, Nina Web

To transform Swedbank’s inbound customer interactions, Nuance proposed Nina Web, a virtual assistant with automated chat facility that integrates online customer engagement with the company’s contact centres. Customers can ask freeform questions that Nina intuitively answers in a conversational style to deliver very high levels of personalised and automated service. When a customer asks a question, Nina responds either with an answer or by directing the customer to a link or web form. For example, if a customer wants to know about how to order foreign currency, Nina can either reply with an answer such as sending the customer to a web page or branch office, or ask a clarifying question in order to understand more about what the customer is looking to achieve.

Aside from helping Swedbank’s customers search for information and handle large numbers of calls that used to be directed to the bank’s contact centre agents, Nina also helps Swedbank agents search for information to answer customer queries faster and more efficiently, freeing them to spend more time with the more complex customer issues.

Looking to the future, Swedbank plans to develop its customer experiences by expanding Nina to reach more customer base, followed by its digital platforms – Mobile Bank and iPad Bank. This includes the addition to Nina Web of transactional capabilities removing the need for escalation to Swedbank’s contact centre for many service-related enquiries; new value-added services via chat and call-back; increased integration with a greater depth of customer data for more precise routing of customer interactions to the right contact centre agent; and increased self-service– for example for qualification and assistance in response to a call-to-action in a sales campaign.

Nina Web virtual assistant can do the following:

  • Deliver personalised customer experiences.
  • Assist customers with information searches and basic transactions, including answering their questions and directing them to appropriate links or web forms.
  • Support Swedbank’s agents to speedily and efficiently answer customer queries.
  • Extend capacity to cover all of Swedbank’s customers, its Mobile Bank and iPad Bank.

78% First-Contact Resolution (FCR) Achieved and More

Within just three months of being deployed, Nina Web was averaging over 30,000 conversations per month with a first-contact resolution of 78%. This has also resulted in 55% of those conversations being deflected, meaning that those customers do not need to take any further action, such as calling the contact centre. Two million out of Swedbank’s 3.6 million annual calls are being resolved through easier self-service, freeing up time for the bank’s 700 contact centre staff, and enabling them to focus on added-value activities such as sales rather than service. And by extending the scope of Nina Web to handle 350 different customer questions and answers, Swedbank has been able to increase the personalisation of its customers’ experiences, while reducing the time it takes for people to find the information or transact the service they need.

In summary:

  • Nina Web averaged over 30,000 conversations per month within just three months of being deployed.
  • Handles over 350 customer questions and answers, increasing the personalisation of customer experiences.
  • Reduces the time taken for people to find the information or transact the service.

Nuance Communications, Inc. will be attending 600Minutes Customer Service, Sweden, on the 31st of May 2017 as a solution provider. Event discussions include:

  • The impact of digital transformation on customer satisfaction
  • How to design a worldclass customer experince?
  • Omnichannel – How to optimize the customer journey?
  • Change Management – how do you commit your employees?
  • The future of customer service – Automatization, self-service and robotics
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